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1. How to test a jsp param parameter with a string at Struts?

${param.type} is the variable that I send it from one jsp to included jsp. I tried that

<s:if test="${param.type} == 'message_error'">
<s:if test="'message_error'.equas(${param.type})">
Non of them works. ...

5. to Ignore parameter separator when passed as string

Hi, I have a search text box in one application. On click of submit button, the search string entered by user is appended to the target app URL and form is submitted. The "+" is the parameter separator between the URL and the search string . When I use the "+" as part of the search string itself, then the "+" ...

6. how does servlet interpret parameter string ?

couple of questions : 1) if I have a Form including a field called name. User enters "Silly & Big Jim", what will the URL be like ? I saw the URL includes some special char like %xxx stuff that replaces the white space and special character. Question is how does the url "automatically" convert them ? Does the programmer need ...