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1. Getting Context path

I am developing a dynamic web project j2ee web application using eclipse. I have an existing jasper report file in .jrxml format found in web-inf/jasperreports folder. How do I access these ...

2. Get the ServletContext in Config.groovy (or how to get the real path of the current context)

The question is in the title - how to obtain the ServletContext in Config.groovy. The purpose is to get the real (absolute) path of the current context.

3. Web Context Path (JSP)

I am writing a web application that loads CSS and JavaScript resources by getting the context path via <%request.getContextPath()%>. When I deploy the application on Windows the CSS and JavaScript resources which ...

4. Grails: Get context path in BootStrap.groovy

How can I get the context path in the BootStrap.groovy file of a Grails application?

5. Giving ../ in context path is this Good practice.?

Is this good practice to put../in context path. But this is working fine.

<pg:pager maxPageItems="20" maxSetPages="1"

6. How to set context path to a variable in javascript

I have a variable named helpLocation in my js page. like var helpLocation = 'http://localhost:9080/App/webhelp/Home.htm'; Here App is the Applciation Context.But it is hardcoded there. How can i set dynamically . I ...

7. FAIL - Application at context path /xpto could not be started

FAIL - Application at context path /xpto could not be started

The module has not been deployed.
    at org.netbeans.modules.j2ee.deployment.devmodules.api.Deployment.deploy(
    at org.netbeans.modules.j2ee.ant.Deploy.execute(

8. Context Path

I wish to separate customer specific jsp codes in different directory. All jsps are stored in a directory "/jsp". Within this there is another directory "cust_jsp" , where I moved the customer specific code. This customer code links to other jsps in the parent directory (/jsp). When I visit the customer specific code and then try to go to other link, ...

9. get context path from JSP

11. Servlet Path Vs Context root

13. Servlet Context Path Issue