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1. upload file in JSP - how to change a default path for the uploaded file

I have two jps pages to handle an upload of the single file. Here is a code for selecting a file:, java.util.*,, java.lang.Exception" %>
 <form name="uploadFile" method="POST" action="processUpload.jsp" ...

2. How to know the File path in servlet

If i upload any file in the JSP then how i know the full path of the location where the file is save on servlet.

3. java get file paths

I have a jsp page which contains the code which prints all files in a given directory and their file paths. The code is

if (dir.isDirectory())

4. How to set the path to "context path" for uploaded files using Apache Common fileupload?

I'm using Apache common fileupload library with Netbeans 6.8 + Glassfish.I'm trying to change the current upload path to be in the current context path of the servlet , something ...

5. To pass the path of the uploaded file to the Java program

I have created two JSP programs as follows. First One: Addmulti.jsp

<head><title>Upload Excel File</title></head></p> <p><body>
<form action="Test2.jsp" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" name="form1" id="form1">
Upload File:
<input name="file" type="file" id="file"><br><br>
<input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit"/><br><br>
<input type="reset" name="Reset" value="Reset"/>
Second one: Test2.jsp
<%@ page ...

6. Working with filepath in Java Code

I referred to this example and created a servlet application. It works perfectly fine with the TMP_DIR & DEST_DIR paths that is mentioned in the code(I have created a folder ...

7. how to get full path from file type in JSP?

i written some code in JSP like this--

<input type="file" name="imagename" >
and in servlet i am retrieving 'imagename' value. But it is giving the name of the image instead of full path. ...

8. upload the file by using path

Is it possible upload file through jsp.

var filepathhere = "http://".
for exm: http:// xxxxx/test.jsp?file = filepathhere. can i uses like this, is it possible to by using the path we can upload ...

9. Full path decleration for a file path used in java for jsp web app

I want to be able to have my paths work on any server not just my dev box. Right now I declear the full path of the file name as such ...

10. How to get browsed filepath in jsp..............?

Hi i am selecting a txt/XLS file through and need to pass the same to a function to read the content and its not happening for me ....... ...

11. Problem in files paths when trying to include them into index page

When I make include <%@include file="../WEB-INF/jspf/Header.jspf" %> The images inside the header are not reachable also css files are not linked correctly !!, here's the hierarchy of ...

12. how to know the path of the webcontainer using java?

I need to get the web container path using java, is there any method for that? I need to use it using JSP or Servlet to get a file path.

13. Referencing a file within Servlet

When I reference to a DTD file in my code, I don't know how to reference to it within my project's folder. e.g : If my project's name is Moo, I'd ...

14. File path in jsp

Im new to Java and JSP. Pls help me in resolving this problem. I have two files Page1.jsp and Page2.jsp under WebContent/web/jsp directory. When I click a hyperlink (using a href tag) ...

15. Path to a file

Hi all, I have a site for uploading photos. Each upload is put into a photoAlbum( a file- sub directory) I have a JSP page that goes through all of these files and selects the first photo whose path is stored in a String array and then they are all displayed as the home page. The problem I am having is ...

16. Not able to persist the absolute path of selected file in file upload control.

I'm having JSP page where I need to upload few images. while doing the form validation, I'm able to get the selected file Path but, I also want to persist the selected path in the form field. But I'm not able to persist the absolute path of selected file in file upload control. Is this possible? My code snippet is:

17. include directive - path of file

Can anyone shed some light on this anomoly? test.jsp and includeMe.jsp live in the same directory. BUT I can use any one of those includes below and 1) the page compiles & 2) includeMe is included even though the last two paths are not correct. <%@ include file="includeMe.jsp" %> <%@ include file="../includeMe.jsp" %> <%@ include file="../../includeMe.jsp" %> It might be helpful ...

19. Path of jsp files.

20. about file path

Hi all, here iam browsing a file at a html page , after submission jsp page will be called , in which some logic will be there , which will do something of data present in file . but while retrieving request.getParameter() only the file name is coming but not full path of file , how to over come this problem ...

21. Relative file paths in JSP

I have a JSP which is including a static HTML page. Both the JSP and the static HTMl are in the same directory. The static HTML has references to .js and .html file inside it. These .js and .html files are also in the same directory as static HTMl and JSP. The scenario is as below.I am adding relevant snippets from ...

23. JSP - Path for excel file

24. include and file path

25. How to retain file path in file input ?

Hi, I am facing a problem while using File input element of HTML. When I attach a file & submit the form ,there is cross validation for a few user inputs that if fails then I have to redisplay the same page again with previously eneterd data. I am using view bean to restore the values of rest of the fileds ...

29. getting file path in the servlet...

31. Refactoring -- extracting hard-coded paths into a properties file for servlets

Hi everbody, I have a basic web-database app build with stand-alone servlets. And I need to pull out a bunch of hardcoded paths into properties files so they can be tunable per development/test/production environments. What is the best way to do this? Should I use a properties file or put these params in web.xml somehow? My idea is to put them ...

32. inputting file path to java servlets

33. Read PDF File Path From Servlet. PDF is right under WebContent

What is the best way to read a PDF (or any file) from a Servlet? PDF is sitting right under WebContent directory of a Web project. Please note that PDF is not inside WEB-INF. WebContent: myPdf.pdf Servlet is under: JavSource Directory in WSAD in a package as - com.myCompany.myPackage.MyServlet I want to get the path of the PDF file from Servlet ...

36. Dynamic File Path

37. how to get the real path of a file

38. JSP Not able to Identify the JS, CSS file path

Hi All, I have one strange issue, JSP cannot Identify the JS, CSS file path when URL pattern is /*. Let me explain in detail. Irrespective of relative path my application should have to call Home.jsp. So for that I have specified URL pattern as /*. This logic is working fine. The application is calling JSP page but It cannot call ...

39. File Not Found Path Problem in JSP

40. file upload changing the src path

42. reading file path from JSP in servlet

43. How to load a .properties file by giving relative path in a JSP file.

Yes I tried that also. Your path was something like this ? http://localhost:8080/Database/ ? Whether this path will change after client installation ? if no then what's the problem ? For client side installation how you are going to set your conf directory for your application ? You are not going to give client installation page ?which will have all the ...

44. Getting absolute path of a file in a webapp without using servlet/JSP

Hi all, I need a small clarification. Is it possible to reterive the absolute path of a file present in a tomcat web application without using Servlet/JSP. I have a normal java class which uses this file to read the configuration parameters. I like to know whether I need to create a seperate servlet which will read the parameters from web.xml. ...