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1. How to provide relative path in File class to upload any file?

I am uploading a file, for which I want to provide a relative path, because the program should work in both linux and windows env. This is what i am using ...

2. Servlet Throwing java.lang.ClassNotFoundException when class in path

I am writing a simple servlet and trying to create an instance of one of my classes, DataStore, in the code. This class is public and sits in a file called ...

3. package class path problem

I did not quiet understand your problem, but here is some information that you may use: In the tomcat server, when you develop your classes and you want to make them available to the web application , you have 2 coices. 1:- to make these classes available to a certain web application. if you wanna do so , place the classes ...

4. Classes path setting?

Hi, I had just tried to integrated one 3rd party application with my application. If I deploy my jar into WEB-INF\lib, it worked fine. Since I wanted to do debug, I try to have my intelliJ to output the class into WEB-INF/classes folder. The classes are there, however there is always exceptions saying that a method on a 3rd party class ...

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