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1. Why does ServletContext#getRealPath("/") return a relative path?

I have the following snippet of code:

String path = servletContext.getRealPath("/");
Now I got a bugreport from a user saying that the returned path is not an absolute path. The returned path is 'usr/local/...' ...

2. XML + Write to Relative Path

I have the following folder structure

Inside my lib folder, I have a java file that creates an XML file, I actually need the file to be generated ...

3. In servlet (web app) how do I know the relative path?

I have a jsp file in the root of .war file. and then I have a folder named STUFF. How do I get access to the file read.txt inside STUFF? /Name_of_war/STUFF/read.txt is the correct ...

4. Can FileOutputStream() take a relative path as an argument

I am creating a FileOutputStream object. It takes a file or String as an argument in its constructor. My question is, can I give it a relative URL as an argument for ...

5. JSP: FileReader with relative path throws FileNotFoundException

I have some embedded Java code in which I'm trying to load a properties file that is located in the same folder as the JSP file:

Properties titles = new Properties();
titles.load(new FileReader("titles.txt"));
The ...

6. Using relative paths within a netbeans project with Glassfish

Possible Duplicate:
how to know the path of the webcontainer using java?
I made a little search engine using Java and Netbeans 7.0 with Glassfish 3.1. ...

7. Relative path in java web jsp

please help me get relative path in java web with jsp.I am reading .txt from my project web but where do not know to take this file ?

8. simple relative path img

I've seen a number of common practices: 1) In JSP 2.0, use of the JSTL tag which handles all that for you is encouraged. 2) If not, the context path could be added to each URL as in: or 3) Or, a HTML tag is defined that sets the document "base" to the ...

9. Specifying relative path

10. Relative Path with FileReader

11. relative path confusion

12. Relative path in JSP for Servlets

13. relative path confusion

14. FileOutputStream(), FileReader() do NOT accept relative path in servlet ?

Originally posted by Billybob Marshall: Because the web server is started from a directory that maybe you didn't expect. Maybe you are expecting relative directories to be relative to the calling class file? That is not the case. Relative directories are relative to the current working directory, usually where the java process was launched from. As a beginner, I would like ...

15. problem in relative path in jsp page

16. How to set up a relative path

Thanks Travis, That did give me what I'm looking for but I have another problem. Can I create folders in this manner in the Tomcat ROOT Directory. My folders fail to create in the ROOT dir when obtianing the path from the solution provided. I am able to create folders one level up in the webapps directory. Are there settings I ...

17. Relative path issue with ubuntu

I am uploading a image and store it under WEB-INF/images/ folder. Getting the destination directory path and store it as two, like relative path and absolute path. so the fpath is simply like this "/images/{filename}.{extension}" -> This is what i see when i view the code using "view source" the absolute path is "/home/user/workspace/Erp/WebContent/images/{filename}.{extension}"

18. JSP relative link/path problem

19. Relative Path to data

OK, I didn't mean to be cryptic. The idea is to read from two text files, one containing categories and one containing numbers in text form. These values are displayed by the app. New values are entered in a third column, and those values get written to a third text file. All three files are in the data directory. Does that ...

20. how to set relative path in JSP