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1. Getting the JSP URI that was sent to the GET/POST of a Servlet

Is there a way to get the URI of a JSP that sent a particular GET/POST request to a Servlet? I know of the request.getRequestURI() function within a Servlet, but ...

2. How to save, retrieve and draw an image in webapplication using Java and PostgreSQL?

Given an object X; I want this object to have an image. The image must be stored in the database. I can't store the path, the actual image must be in ...

3. How to get field values and do a post in jsp?

i am working on a simple jsp page, it contain 2 textbox firstname and lastname,and a ok button, when textbox is filled and button is clicked, I need to get values ...

4. postback to server executing different queries

I have a few <div> inside a forms, each thing inside the div contains a specific form. When a user presses the submit button, I want to execute a different action based ...

5. POST call to another server

HI, Can we make the POST call from one server to another web server. For example, one web application deployed in server1. When we call the web application deployed in the server2, ...

6. % and & charactes are not getting posted in JSP to server

Possible Duplicate:
Weired behaviour of '%' and '&' special character in WML
when I enter phone number with % and & characters , ins posting ...

7. invoking a servlet in java

How do i invoke a Servlet? and What is the difference in between doPost and doGet? any links for explanation are welcome thank you

8. Posting to java servlet with jEditable

Is there anyone familiar with jEditable? As mentioned in the site it is possible to post to a java servlet. I am unable to post and capture the ...

9. POST java object from .jsp to java

I've got a page where the user inputs information into a form and then hits submit. When the submit button is clicked the user POST's data to a java file. I'm ...

10. Calling Servlet Post from another Servlet

I need to call a servlets POST method from another servlet and pass a blob in the servlets parameters. Is this posible, if so how can it be done. PS: I ...

11. Retrieving POST argument in servlet issue

Hi, I am using NetBeans 7.0.1 with Tomcat 7.0.14 (as delivered) and I have a strange issue regarding a simple example Ajax POST request to a simple Servlet. The arguments cannot be retrieved in the servlet though I have made sure that they are sent by checking with FireBug. I have described the issue in more details in a question asked ...

12. JSP POST file upload using ${param.intputFileField} approach

If I have:

and run this in an index.jsp, use browse to select my text file, and click SUBMIT. I can use: //************************************************************************************************************************ InputStreamReader reader = new InputStreamReader(new DataInputStream(request.getInputStream())) BufferedReader bufferedReader = new BufferedReader(reader); bufferedReader.readLine();... //************************************************************************************************************************ In this situation, I have found that using ...

13. jsp POST problem with IE

14. POST or GET

most of the time your broweser is using the GET method. when u see in the URL in the broweser code like this at the end: ?ubb=reply&f=50 etc u send the parametrs using the GET. you can specify to send the paramaters using more secure mthods wih the POST method like in forms etc.

15. Large post jsp?

Hi, Ive created a Content Editor and when you post a large amount of data do the content get real strange, in the request.getParameter(contentvalue). I see the first part just fine after about 400 characters do the language-content showup and then list the rest of the content and then breaks after 800 characters, real strange. If I do small post is ...

16. Get vs Post

Please do not cross post your questions to multiple forums. Most of the visitors here read in many of the forums and it is frustrating to see the same question repeated over and over. You have a better chance of getting a correct and timely answer if you post it to the most appropriate forum instead of using the shotgun approach ...

17. posting to servlet

19. Changing from GET to POST

Hi, I have a page that takes its parameters from the URL - a GET. Once the page is loaded from the GET parameters, when a user submits information, it's done via a POST. The trouble is that the browser doesn't seem to get rid of the GET parameters in the URL (All postings are made to the same page). In ...

20. JavaBean vs Post from a JSP

21. Posting to an JSP

22. Re:cross posting

23. JSP/ Servlet Post Question

24. Posting to a JSP/Servlet

Derika, You can check the IP address of the client to check whether servlet B is posting to servlet A. It's a bit trickier to figure out whether the call to servlet A is coming from a client who is viewing something on your web site or dowloaded the page. The easiest way is to put a token in the session ...

26. JSP Subversion post missing?

27. difference between JSP pre translation and post transalation?

The first time a JSP is hit a JSP compiler (called "Jasper" in the case of Tomcat and several other webservers) parses the JSP code and generates servlet code. The servlet code is then compiled into a Java class file and loaded into the JVM by the classloader. All subsequent hits invoke this class and don't need to be re-compiled. With ...

28. get vs post

29. please delete this post

30. Recursive post to same jsp

hello, i have main.jsp, work.jsp, result.jsp main.jsp sows the startup page & a button "Start Query>>" takes to work.jsp work.jsp contains a combo box . based on selected option some more combo box is shown in the same jsp. i.e it is recursive posting into the same jsp... by doing this i have problems with refresh & back button.. when the ...

31. POST to JSP

Actually, I'm creating a java object that will pass some information to several JSP's. The JSP's will take those parameters and get information from the database and create the page. The page will be returned to my object, where I will store all my JSP's in a Hashtable and send them through a stream for someone else to use. I actually ...

32. JSP - Posting the content of a table

36. URLConnection posting to servlet

By default the URLConnection expects to be reading, not reading and writing. According to the Javadoc API for 1.3: In general, creating a connection to a URL is a multistep process: 1.The connection object is created by invoking the openConnection method on a URL. 2.The setup parameters and general request properties are manipulated. 3.The actual connection to the remote object is ...

37. Posting a file to a servlet

38. my Browser posting to a Servlet

you still didn't answer if there are any log messages? error messages in the console? It's pretty impossible to debug something without some kind of hint from the system as to what the problem might be. If you don't see anything, make sure you have the debug level in your appserver set appropriately so you can see all the log messages. ...

39. POSTing from servlet to JSP

40. Never POST to JSP

41. can a servlet do POST or what?

What you'd *think* would be easy to find on google, sometimes just isn't. I simply need to know if I can somehow retrieve POST form values (in a servlet) that were sent by a JSP. JSP POST Form -> Servlet (display values submitted) -> redirect to another page. I can't figure out how to get the servlet to understand POST values ...

42. post to a different system's servlet

43. Using POST in servlet

44. POSTing hidden params from a servlet

Hi, I'm trying to code an ecommerce site with all the validation done in my servlet. The example they give is just to use a static web page, which is no good for me. So I'm basically trying to duplicate in a servlet what the static one does. Theres nothing special about the static one:

46. Post to Remote Servlet

47. post to servlet

48. JSP not posting variables

49. Multilingual posting to servlet

50. Occasional Connection Reset (IO Exception) Errors when POSTing to Servlet

I have a small .NET class that I'm using to POST an XML string to my Java Servlet. The Servlet writes the XML file to disk from the POSTed string data it gets. I've noticed that running the .NET "EXE" doesn't always result in an XML file being created, though most of the time, it does work. For those times, often ...

52. POST and Servlet

53. @404 error posting here

hi friends.... I am making a simple servlet program but the browser is showing the 404 status error.... Below is what ia have done... apache tomcat is i am seeing its windoe in browser..... I hav set all the 3 required paths which are.. 1. path for java 2. JAVA_HOME for tomcat 3. classpath for servlet-api.jar now i hav following ...

55. Posting Graph in JSP

57. can i post a question for jsp and servlets?

58. Posting to a servlet from a class in a jar on the server

I'm testing this on a tomcat server running on my machine, which is why I'm pointing to localhost for the post. I assumed that since I can point to localhost to access the web app and its servlets, then I could hard code localhost into this action class to post to, is that incorrect?

59. HTML POST from servlet