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1. Accessing post variables using Java Servlets

The title says it all. All I really want is the equivalent of PHP's $_POST[], and after searching the web for an hour, I'm still nowhere closer.

2. Sending and receiving binary data in Servlets

I'm attempting to write a Java Servlet to receive binary data requests and reply to them, using HttpServletRequest.getOutputStream() and HttpServletResponse.getInputStream(). This is for a project which involves having a request sent ...

3. Java Http Client to upload file over POST

I'm developing a J2ME client that must upload a file to a Servlet using HTTP. The servlet part is covered using Apache Commons FileUpload

protected void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) 
{   ...

4. handling stream over http POST

I have a JSP site, and I'm trying to give people the option to have some data posted to them (in this case, an XML file) over HTTP. Here's some code that looks like it could come out of Java Network Programming: BufferedOutputStream oWriteXML = null; HttpURLConnection oSecCon = null; URL oResource; //open the url and POST the data oResource = ...

5. About Http POST


Hi everyone, I'd be eternally grateful if someone could provide me with a quick + easy solution to the following (basic?) task. I have a user form with the required parameters and a submit button. I have an XML schema which specifies the format for the soap requests and responses. How do I accept user input, wrap it into a soap ...