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1. httpURLConnection: how long can a post argument be?

I['m currently using something like this

 HttpURLConnection con = (HttpURLConnection) u.openConnection ();

     con.setDoInput (true);

2. How to send POST data to a server with a HttpURLConnection

Hi folks, nice Website with many solutions for many problems, but I didn't find anything about my problem yet. I want to add a weather info on my homepage and for this I want to use a present weather site from the internet. But on my site, I want my own layout! So what I want to do is, on my ...

3. HttpURLConnection - Posting XML to a servlet

Hi, Ok... this is really frustrating me so I hope you can help.I'm trying to post XML to a servlet from a java client. The XML is never received by the servlet.I've posted the client and servlet code below. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. Java Client private void postMessage(TextMessage msg, String address, String subAddress) throws Exception { System.out.println("RouterMDB/postMessage to address: " ...