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1. JSP Access to Javabean Properties

I have a Java class with a method, hasMoreParameters(). In JSP, I want to get the property: ${holder.moreParameters} How do I do this?

2. About the javabean properties problem?

you have to declare your bean in your jsp code. then you can use any methods in your beans in your jsp pages. i do not remember the exact code, but it looks something like < id = "someId" class = "nameOfClassToBeUsed" >. i know i am missing something in there. the way you would use the method in the class ...

3. class property of a javabean

4. Loading properties from file from a Java Bean

I have a war file that I'd like to drop into various customer deployments. The war has several jsp's and a java bean that performs operations on a database backend and returns formated html for insertion in the jsp's. Each customer has different database names, but the same table structure. I'd like the installation of the new war file to be ...

6. JavaBean Property value

7. Accessing Java Bean Property From JSP

8. Servlet - JavaBean properties