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1. How to load a .properties file into a jsp

I've gotten as far as this:

private Properties logoUrls = new Properties();
logoUrls.load(new FileInputStream(""));
where is in the same directory as my JSP. I get a FileNotFound exception. Where does my app actually ...

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I wonder if anyone can advise on a Java webapp question? I have a set standard Java class which has methods to set and get values of a property file. These methods ...

3. issue in property file

I want to load the property file when tomcat is I'm using servletContextListener to do that and i can get values of property file to my web application. But i want ...

4. Where to place configuration properties files in a JSP/Servlet web application?

In my web application I have to send email to set of predefined users like, so I wish to add that to a .properties file and access it when required. ...

5. How to write .properties file from jsp

Hi i new to java i stuck here please help me... my problem is "I wrote a class to write the .properties file it ...

6. How to read a properties file

Hi I am using servlets where i hard-code the database connection details and if any change I have to re-do the code so instead i can modify the .properties file and ...

7. Cannot read properties file in Java web app?

I am trying to read a properties file in my java web application. I have tried these solution: where to place properties files in a jsp servlet web application Howto access ...

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10. Cannot create InputStream from Properties file

Friends, I am having trouble with a JSP. That I am tryig to run on Tomcat. It is really sort so I will post the code here: /usr/local/home/barn/SUNWappserver/domains/domain1/applications/j2ee-modules/withProps bash-2.03$ cat index.jsp <%-- props example jsp --%> <%@ page import = "*,java.util.*" %> Props update example jsp

<% Properties myProps ...

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19. Links in properties file

I have a properties file containing several key value pairs, I need to display one at a time, based on the request, some of the messages have links in them. I'm unsure how to implement links inside properties file, because in my jsp, I'm using struts2.0 to retrieve the value... when I read the value, ,I see the entire content on ...

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25. servlet reading properties file

The usual problem people have is because relative file paths don't work in a servlet environment. However, it you use the Java Properties services, you can read the properties simply by naming them as though they were a Java class (which they might be anyway!). for example, "com.mywebsite.myapp.Global" is a valid name for the resource contained in the file "WEB-INF/classes/com/mywebsite/myapp/".

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27. Reading property files within a servlet

private static HandlerFactory instance = null; private static ResourceBundle handlers = null; private HandlerFactory() { handlers = ResourceBundle.getBundle("nl.esa.edhe.handlers"); } public static void resetFactory() { handlers = null; instance = null; } /** * retrieve the HandlerFactory * @return the HandlerFactory */ public static synchronized HandlerFactory getInstance() { if (instance == null) { instance = new HandlerFactory(); } return instance; } loads ...

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Hi everybody.. i need to access property file in my servlet. What i wanted to know was can we access a bean object for a key tthrough property file. Say example if i have a bean userBean having attributes as String name String address Int phoneNmbr well now i want to store all these infomation against an USERID as key for ...

39. How to write .properties file from jsp

Hi i new to java i stuck here please help me... my problem is "I wrote a class to write the .properties file it is working fine when i run through normal application.But the problem is when i am using this in jsp means i have create object to this class and used it in my jsp but Iam unble to ...

40. Property file substitute for a web app

Hi, I am working on a web aplication, redesigning the front end .. I don't have full access to server where it actually runs, so I use my own tom cat installation. I am looking for some help with this problem i see ... Web app uses a jar file .. "configFramework.jar" in a classpath ... some classes in this jar ...

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42. ServletContext and properties file

Hi Marc van, Bear Bibeault is correct this one is very old. And one more thing why you want to store in ServletContext, you are increasing the size of the object and ServletContext object is available in the whole application. And still you want to load one time only and want to use in the whole application thn Create singleton object ...

44. Servlet Cannot find Find Properties File

The problem occurs when attempting to load a properties file in a servlet. The batch job works OK. So I cut and paste the batch driver (GBTest01) into the servlet. The servlet fails : SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet AServlet threw exception java.lang.RuntimeException: PropertiesFileLoader : Properties file '' is missing in classpath at gbpackage.PropertiesFileLoader.( at gbpackage.AServlet.doGet( at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( What's missing ? Thank ...

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51. Properties file in JSP

Dear All, I urgently need your help. Can you tell how to go about this or give me a simple resource where I can learn it. I want to store pair values in a file e.g. Name Weather BA 23C MD 16C etc. I was told that the best place to store this would be a .properties file. But I do ...