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1. How to get a value of an object's property when the property name is a variable itself in JSP?    stackoverflow.com

HI, Here's my dilemma. The below code is obviously wrong but it give you the idea on what I need to accomplish.

<c:forEach var="object1" items="${model.listofObjects1}">
    <c:forEach var="object2" items="${model.listofObjects2}">

3. Using Object Properties in EL    coderanch.com

I will start out up front, I think my problem is that I am missing some aspect of what defines a "property" for the Bean resolver.... I am trying to follow along with the "Scriptless JSP" articles by Bear Bibeault (http://www.coderanch.com/t/287764/JSP/java/Scriptless-JSP-Pages-Power-Map) and re-write a form from the project that I have been playing with and using to learn. Anyway, it works ...

4. setting any object as property in java bean    coderanch.com

well i read the article and got understood that we should not mix scripts with JSP .......... but my question here is what if i use bean and that bean has property that is an object...obviously i can not take that object as input, i have to construct it.. so here i want to know that how can i use it ...