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1. java.util.properties and JSP    coderanch.com

Here's the scoop: Apache / Tomcat config. I'm trying a simple test to prevent from hard coding my database connection info into my classes. I jave a JSP that initializes the class: ... props p = new props(); //show a little help message System.out.println("success"); ... Soooo... I have prop.properties file that contains the variables I wanted to set(see following snippet). The ...

2. Java.util.Properties Not Found During loading in Servlet/JSP Erro    coderanch.com

Based on the most common errors when reading data files from servlets, I would bet that the problem is trying to read a file without specifying a complete path and file name. Any code that depends on the "current" directory will fail in a servlet because the servlet container has its own idea of what the current directory is. Bill