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1. Java: JSP halt execution on rest of page

How do you stop a JSP from executing? I have JSPs which kick the user off a page by means of a "forward".

public boolean kickIfNotLoggedIn(

2. javascript detect redirect vs. page reload

In my JSP page, i am using response.sendRedirect(..) to redirect to an HTML page. Is it possible to use javascript to detect whether a redirect occurred versus a page reload? Thanks.

3. Java page redirecting

I am developing a project in Java. I want to start with a welcome page where I put a syntax of page redirecting. But, I want to display welcome page, 2 seconds ...

4. How many ways are there on Redirect to next page in jsp?

in how many way can we redirect to next jsp page from one page to another page apart from following two ways,

RequestDispatcher rd = request.getRequestDispatcher("MyPage.jsp");
rd.forward(request, response);
when i go to second page(MyPage.jsp) ...

5. Redirecting to the same page using jsp

I have one requirement in which I must create a log in page such way that if log in fails, user should be redirected to the same page with 'error ...

6. How to redirect pages in jsp

actully I have to design several pages in jsp.after clicking on the submit button the first page the page should be automatically redirected to the second jsp page.plz tell me how ...

7. redirecting to a common page

i want to redirect all request to common page and on that common page i want to check whether this url exists or not. for example my base URL is when any ...

8. page is not redirect

org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Exception in JSP: /views/header.jsp:14

11:         <a href="<%=request.getContextPath()%>">Home</a> | 
12:         <% String username=(String)session.getAttribute("formdata");
13:    ...

9. JSP Page redirection failed

Im using Netbeans java. I met the problem whereby my pages would not flow in order. I have removed the links in my faces-config for this specific JSP page. I have ...

10. how can i redirect jsp page on a blank page

Nepomuk re: how can i redirect jsp page on a blank page Hi! I'm not absolutely sure I'm understanding what you want to do correctly, so here's what I think you ...

14. How to redirect to another page

15. redirecting to a jsp page

16. page redirection

17. jsp page redirection

hi all i have asked this question previously but the solution is not working . the question is about rediretion form with in the jsp page. page1.jsp

page2.jsp <% if(request.getParameter("source")==null)) { response.sendRedirect("page1.jsp"); } %> after the form is submitted form the page1.jsp it comes to page2.jsp here after the page2.jsp is realised if we ...

18. To redirect a page

19. how to redirect page

20. jsp redirect page

21. JSP Page redirection

Hi all, I like to know how to populate the listbox dynamically using jsp.. The scenario is i have two list box in my jsp page form where the selection of value from list 1 should populate the list 2. How can i do it through servlet,jsp so that i retain the previous values entered in my form and also get ...

24. Redirect jsp pages

25. Redirecting to a jsp page on locale switch

Hi, I have a difficult situation with locale change implementation in my web application I have a web application - struts framework in which I have implemented internationalization. I have a button at the client header area (header is always visible)to toggle between 2 languages. I have two property files and put the locale information as a session variable. so when ...

26. How to redirect to home page if the user is not used for a specified time

Hi gentlemen, I have a requirement in our application that the user is doing a transaction on the site and in the middle he goes to another website for about to 30 mins and he returns back to our page, then this time we need to close his transaction at any moment and redirect him to home page (i.e. session invalidate ...

27. redirecting page in JSP

29. Redirecting to the same jsp page

30. redirecting page

31. page redirection with out losing values

32. redirecting page

hi all. My question has two parts. First part I have a form in page1.jsp. the action for that form submit is in page2.jsp In page2.jsp, validation for the username and password is done. If validation is true, then I want to just come back to the page1.jsp after processing the request.(reload the first page again) so in page2.jsp, how can ...

35. redirect page problem

Hello, I want help with a login page for users to identify themselves, the form reference to the servlet processing, I manage two cases: * If the user enters the wrong fields must be redirected to the page authentification.jsp with an error (misidentification). * If the fields are well informed, just redirect to the page home.jsp protected void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse ...

36. Redirecting a page

hi As I have used multiple div id in the same jsp page and i have called multiple jsp functions in that div id, so i am supposed to redirect the controller to the same jsp page. In that case all the controller is redirecting to the same page. How can i solve this issue please give some suggestions. The JSP ...

37. Servlet auto redirect to another page

I read a little bit about the filters and i have some questions that i couldn't found any answer. The FilterChain.doFilter(request,response) method is used to invoke the next filter in the chain. How it knows which is the next filter? Where i am going to write the filter code? Inside the code of servlet A? The Servlet A calls the filter-> ...

38. redirect to a servlet page

39. Does control comes back to servlet after redirecting to a jsp page.

This is an eclipse/server question... not really a java question. I have NO IDEA how eclipse interplays with you're (unspecified) server. I can tell you that typically the standard output and error streams of the J2EE server are redirected by the server startup script to a file in the deployed applications root directory... So have a look around. Edited by: corlettk ...

40. Basic question: how to redirect to a JSP page without using JavaScript?

Button clicking does not happen during the execution of a JSP. This seems to be an all too common misunderstanding. A JSP generates HTML which can contain variable data. Then the HTML is passed to the browser and the JSP execution is finished. That HTML may specify buttons, either as links or form submit buttons, which generate a new transaction, which ...