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1. Few questions over the redirection stuff?

UTIL.getServletPath("/SetupPage?PG=setupusersettings") %>">
  1. What is SetupPage. Is it an directory?
  2. Why ? is used?
  3. What is PG?
  4. setupusersettings is an jsp page, all i can find and it will redirect to that page.

2. Redirect to servlet fails

I have a servlet named EditPhotos which, believe it or not, is used for editing the photos associated with a certain item on a web design I am developing. The URL ...

3. Detection of redirect

Is there a way to detect if a servlet was called because of a redirect?

4. How to redirect user when certain condition is met using REST JAX-RS implementation?

I used to just use Tomcat and JSP pages which I can execute query, then assign query result into the array or object then pass that data onto client side via ...

5. How to close pop up window in servlet and redirect the servlet to parent window

i am creating a pop up window through jsp and passing some selected values in pop up window to jsp. while doing this i am using servlet ie. from pop up ...

6. blank index.jsp redirecting to some servlet

Is it possible to have some kind of empty JSP (index.jsp) with ~only auto redirecting to servlet? Or can I start my web app not from page (jsp/html) but from servlet? (web.xml ...

7. how can I redirect to a JSP from other JSP in JAVA

Hello friends how can I redirect to a JSP from other JSP ? I want to show a pdf in the browser (I have programmed the pdf in the last JSP ...

8. can i redirect in jsp between 2 web app?

Hello i have 2 web app in the same worke space How can i redirect from page in the 1st webb app to the 2nd web app ? in one webb app ...

9. Servlet + redirection

I need some suggestions. I have defined servlet mapping as

 <servlet-name>My Servlet</servlet-name>
However there are some static html files. So i have mapped them to the default servlet to serve ...

10. Servlet redirect

req.getSession().setAttribute("foo", "bar");
In this case, do I have access to the foo attribute after the redirect? On generally speaking, a servlet is completely executed before the redirect is made or it stops it's ...

11. Java Servlet redirecting from one Servlet to another and then back to the initial Servlet

I had a question about Java Servlets. lets say I am on a servlet webpage, 'somePage'. I want to log in (using another servlet, 'login' servlet). So i ...

12. How do I call a second JSP servlet while in the first JSP servlet?

Say I submit a simple page (that has no parameters, no forms, etc, and I can't add anything to this page), I end-up in the first servlet. Now I determine ...

14. Redirect hint pls..

15. How to redirect

Hello Everyone, I have a querry. I have three pages first page where i enter the values and the third page is where i get the values. This second page i wanna use as a redirect page. I have seen in many pages where a page is launched which says that soon you will taken to so and so page. I ...

16. how and when is redirect used

I take it that each page has a if(logged in) { //show page } else { %>"please log in");<% } %> and then login has both the HTML and the login code sort of like this: check if login information provided; if(logged in successfully) { //forward to page; else { %> please enter your login details username: password: <% } ...

17. redirecting with jsp

18. Redirect

20. Control after redirecting

Hi, I've a jsp page pageOne.jsp... from that, I'm redirecting to pageTwo.jsp... after that, I want the control back to pageOne.jsp!!! I know that its not possible...still tried for that... moreover, my pageTwo.jsp is redirecting to pageThree.jsp... I need the control back in pageOne.jsp...i.e...after redirecting to pageTwo, I've some more statements to be executed... Is there any other way to do ...

21. JSP redirection and tabs..

22. tricky jsp redirect problem

23. redirect in target = parent

24. Redirecting from JSP to CGI

What language is your CGI script going to be written in? For that matter why don't you just re-write your CGI script in Java? If you just need the filename of the File Object you will just need to pass the filename as a parameter in a hidden field on a form. Then open the file as appropriate with whatever language ...

25. JSP redirect problem.

26. Redirection Problem

Hi all, I am developing a shopping cart kind of application where initially the users will see a set of pages for which they don't need any authentication. The users can browse or search all the catalog pages and can select the products they want to purchase. Once they are about to buy the product, I will take him to a ...

27. Jsp redirect

28. JSP redirection

Hello I have two drop down boxes and depending on the value selected the appropriate jsp page should be loaded. I am wrong somewhere. Please let me know where I am wrong.


29. redirecting from jsp

hey, I want to include a jsp page within a couple member's only pages that will check if the user is actually logged in. How do I redirect to another jsp page? Here is what I have so far: <% userBean user = (userBean) session.getAttribute("user"); if (user == null) { // forward to login page } %>

30. redirect ?

31. Redirect

32. Puzzle:Difference of redirect method?

Well a google search for this would have given you enough information, but still here is what i know: First difference between Requestdispatcher's sendredirect and Forward. 1. In case of request dispatcher's sendredirect a "New Request is generated". that means the request object is totally new and all the parameters in the old request object are lost. For example: if the ...

33. Redirection problem with Javascript

34. Simple question Redirect

35. Timed JSP Redirect for Mobiles Phones.

36. c:redirect not working

Hi Guys , Offlate i have been facing problems with tag. What i am doing is: 1)Entry.jsp->This JSP has a textbox and a submit button. 2)Error.jsp->This JSP is my errorHandler Page. 3)Hello.jsp->This JSP actually has the logic. Now, What i want is , When the user does not enter anything in the textbox in Entry.jsp he is forwarded to Error.jsp ...

37. redirect not working

38. Regarding redirection

Hi, I have a problem regarding the redirection to the same page. I have a list box which shows the names of the tables. I need to show the name of the columns in the other list on the same page when some table is selected in the first list. Please suggest some code. Can we use the value of HTML ...

40. password and redirect question

41. Redirect issue

1. Are you using the same container under Windows and Linux ? 2. What is the blank url in sendRedirect("") ? 3. Please send the error message. If you don't describe what is happening, it is difficult to help. "The page doesn't redirec". What is it doing then ? Did you check the container's log file ?

42. object dies when redirect=true

44. logic:redirect

45. Redirecting address

47. redirecting to some sessionExpired.jsp after sessiontimeout?

The approach I take, is to bind an object (say "userBean") to session when the user logs in. With each request, check for the existence of userBean in session. If it is not there (null), forward or redirect to a session expired page. Filters make it easy to add this functionality to an existing application without needing to add code to ...

49. JSP Redirection Problem

50. Servlet Redirection

The problem is that if you ask the browser to do the redirection, it will always use "GET". Remember that the HTTP system was designed around the idea of retrieving static pages, and fanciness like "POST" was added later. You have two possible solutions. The first is to do the 'redirection' manually - open a socket to the server and build ...

51. Servlet Redirection

My question to you is why do the "latter servlets" even have to be servlets? Why can't you make them regular Java Classes and have your dispatcher servlet create and call them directly? I have done this exact thing and in fact I am currently using it for internal web applications. The main advantage is that the developers of the "latter" ...

52. redirect with jsp

53. Redirecting Servlet

54. redirect from servlet

I'm working on an app where one frame calls a servlet that does an xsl:sort to update an html doc. I'm using 'response.sendRedirect' to bring me back to the frame that called the servlet, but then I need to refresh the frame that displays the html that was just updated. I've been using 'parent.framename.location = relativeURL' to accomplish this, but with ...

56. servlet redirection

I noticed something interesting a few days ago using getServletContext().getRequestDispatcher( "/servletname" ).forward( request, response ) I forwarded from one servlet to another mapped servlet (e.g. from "/servlet1" which received the initial doGet(), to "/servlet2") and after validation, my attempt to use request dispatcher to forward BACK to "/servlet1" gave me the error "can not forward to same name URI" out of ...

57. Problems redirecting user from servlet

58. Strange Problem : Redirect to other Servlet using dispatch

Thanks David O'Meara and Rishi Singh So do you mean that the problem is not come from the program but tomcat itself, since time is limited so i don't have time to look at some doc in tomcat. So do I need to solve this by changing the config of tomcat? Thanks

59. Question on Servlet Redirection

Why does someone want to call destroy method inside service method? In this method the servlet should cleanup resources which is acquired in the earlier part of its lifecycle. Once this method is called by the container, the servlet instance will be out of service and the container will never call service method of that particular instance. I think there must ...

60. Re: Servlet Redirect with time delay

61. redirection to remote servlet

63. redirecting to a servlet

Originally posted by aymane chetibi: Iam sorry but I did not get what u mean can u illustrate with some examples ?? aymane chetibi, JavaRanch is a community of people from all over the world, many of who are not native English speakers. While using abbreviations like "u" instead of spelling out "you" is convenient when text messaging your friends on ...

64. redirect to servlet

The short answer is, you can't. The sendRedirect method sends a 302 header to the browser which indicates that it should make a new request with the given URL. The only way to add parameters to that request is with query string parameters. There is, however, a way that you can ask the browser to make the original request (with the ...

65. Servlet redirection

66. Servlet Redirection

68. Servlet redirecting

69. JSP redirection problem

70. Redirecting from JSP to Servlet

71. How To Redirect to jsp from another jsp

72. How to redirect from servlet to JSP/Servlet with out executing the below code

Dear Deepak Bala I ll give you the logic import; import; import java.util.Iterator; import java.util.List; import javax.servlet.RequestDispatcher; import javax.servlet.ServletConfig; import javax.servlet.ServletException; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest; import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse; import org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileItem; import org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileItemFactory; import org.apache.commons.fileupload.FileUploadException; import org.apache.commons.fileupload.disk.DiskFileItemFactory; import org.apache.commons.fileupload.servlet.ServletFileUpload; public class myservlets extends HttpServlet { private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L; public myservlets() { super(); // TODO Auto-generated constructor stub ...

73. JSP Redirection

74. Executing a servlet without redirecting to it

Hi friends, I have a form with lot of fields... on clicking the submit button the action class shud execute and perform the DB operations... but my page should not be redirected to that page... It shud remain in the same page and the values in the fields must also persist.... Is any way there to do this??? Awaiting for your ...

75. Issues in redirect

Hi, I'am having issues redirecting users in a Java application. This is the scenario: 1. Old URL was hosted on JBoss Server. Application is built using JSP. 2. Now, we moved the app to a different server and had to change URL to 3. When users use the old URL to access the application, instead of log-in page, we ...

76. Conditional Redirecting using JSP

I have a query........Suppose like in normal sites like gmail and yahoo where they have username password entry............suppose a user enters the username and password.......then the server checks from the database whether the username password pair matches and if it does automatically redirects to another page and if it doen't match then redirects to another page.......Can we achieve this using JSP ...

77. doubt on redirect

78. JSP redirect

79. auto redirection after algorithm finishes

Hello all, I wrote a jsp page. It has a form with a submit button that sends the data to some algorithm. I would like the submit button to load a "please wait" html. After the algorithm is done - that "please wait" page will be auto redirected to a result page html. My problem is that I don't know in ...

80. How can I redirect in servlet?

82. redirect to jsp

hi i tried doin it but its throwin an HTTP exception. I had one more doubt the alert that i am displaying doesnt appear the first time when i click the button it works only in case when the user clicks teh button the second time. Can you give me nay suggestion in what case this happens. Thanks

83. How To redirect to another JSP ?

84. Redirect a domain to a servlet

85. Java Servlet Redirect.

Maybe I'm confused at how this works. I have a .class file located in .../TomCat/Root/Servlet. So how does the user access the .class file if one can't browse to the .class file itself? In the past my HTML page interacted with the servlet. so the user wouldn't directly touch the servlet but this time its different.

86. How to redirect from a JSP to a Servlet ?

87. .jsp redirection

Hi, I am facing a problem while redirecting one jsp to another. I am using the login credentials and passing them to a 2nd page after which the user gets logged in,first time it is happening fine but after i log out and try log in again the reidrection to the 2nd page is not happening and the user is logged ...

88. redirect servlet

89. Regarding JSP Servlet Redirection