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1. response.redirect having target

3. Redirecting servlet response between windows

I have 2 browser windows open (say A and B). On one of the windows (say on A), when I click on the submit button, it calls a servlet (which does some stuff). When the servlet finishes, I want to send the resonse to the other browser window (window B). I am using response.sendRedirect(), but this is sending it back to ...

5. Problem in writing response.redirect

I am trying to redirect the response from C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Tomcat55\webapps\InfoViewApp\jsp\listing\file1.jsp to C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Tomcat55\webapps\AnalyticalReporting\viewers\cdz_adv\file2.jsp No matter how i write, it is giving me an error like " Not able to find the file in the location. Can you help me in writing response.redirect statement. Your help is highly needed Thanks, Madhu