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1. Page Refresh problem

I have a jsp in which there are certain buttons when i am clicking on one of those, the page is refreshing but the problem is that I want to show that ...

2. Refreshing a single component in a JSP page

Can I refresh a HTML component in JSP? I have two dropdowns. On selection of a value in the first dropdown the values in the dropdown box are to be fetched ...

3. refresh jsp page

Hello everyone how can i refresh a jsp page from other jsp page i have a jsp (jsp1) page that hold 2 frame of jsp i need that the jsp (jsp2) will refresh the ...

4. Input fields are retaining their values after a page refresh, how to prevent that?

<table id="post">
        <td style="font-size: 20px;">Post Your comment</td>

5. JSP page is not getting refreshed after updating

JSP page is not getting refreshed after updating. I tried deleting browser cache, but id didn't have any effect. Any suggestion is of great help. I am using Tomcat server and ...

6. Jsp Page Refresh

The solution to your problem is 1)If you want to refresh the page for every regular interval of time use the html tag given below in your jsp here for every 60 sec the page refreshed 2)Else use browser refresh button, when ever you want to refresh. -arun [ January 30, 2002: Message edited by: arun boraiah ] ...

7. How to refresh a JSP page

Hi all, i am facing a typical problem, see it is something like when i request a page when the page load somtimes i found repeatation of form componenets like more than one combo or table inspite of proper code because of multiple processing of the request and it turns out horrible all the images and other component shatters around the ...

8. How to refresh my page?

I think I'm dealing with some kind of caching problem? When I use the browser's (IE 5) forward or back buttons to return to my page or I rehit the Go button while my page is displayed, my clock does not update. However when I press the browser's Refresh button the clock DOES refresh. The earlier suggestion to set the "refresh" ...

9. Refreshing a page causes a duplicate row to be inserted pls help...????

hi ppl, i am working on a application based on the struts architecture. every relevent action on a page does its processing thru the controller servlet and action class and the controller servlet then forwards the result to the result jsp using the requestdispatcher method. due to this i am facing a problem in pages where i am inserting a row ...

10. Page has not Refreshed

Dear Friends! i hope all are doing fine there... i need ur help. i have one jsp file which has displayed data. data extract from backend through bean controlled by servlet. the flow is JSP-->Servlet-->Been-->Servlet--->JSP. in servlet i have used response.sendRedirect() method in order to call the jsp file. the problem is after data has been fetched by been i am ...

11. Page has not refreshed on Unix OS

page has not refreshed on Unix.but it is working fine in Windows. i have included following tags in jsp file. what modification i have to do for page refreshing for Unix OS. give me a solution. thanks. regards saran

12. Avoiding the page to get refreshed

I am having the same sort of issue, I have a reports section of my app, and I want to prevent the user from submitting the report request multiple times, holding down f5. Maybe there is something missing I can do from the server side... The report sometimes takes 1-2 minutes to generate. Holding down f5 floods the database with requests ...

13. JSP page refresh

I wanted to refresh a JSP page after a row is inserted inoto a table... I get out.print("inserted"); working after it get inserted. But the values a not shown in thw page where i use a select statement to fetch the inserted row.. If i refresh the page i get two rows inserted in the table (duplicate of the first row).. ...

14. how to refresh the jsp page when onload?

I think you should re-load that page... Example I have A.jsp which will go the server to load some datas from database... A.jsp ======== ...

... It's code to load new data from database and refresh your current page so your page will show the new datas Correct me if i am ...

15. dynamical page content refreshing

16. refreshing a page

I wanted to refresh the page after i loaded the page with inner HTML . if i make any change in the upperpart then i want that page to be refreshed and same inner HTML with different values need to be shown , is this thing possible? or can u suggest any other ways for doing this??

17. How to Display time in JSP without refreshing page

Hi all, I am trying to achieve the following funtionality in my JSP page: ========================================================= I want the time to be in number of seconds, like when the seconds is incrementing as 1, 2 , 3 .....58,59,60...after 60 i want it continue as 61, 62 and so on. I am able to acheive this through JavaScript , but i simply dont ...

18. "jsp:include page=..." and refresh

I used hoping that it dynamically picks the new file content. However, I found I need to hit "refresh" button to get it. Is it because it uses some cached page ? How to make it dynamically load the latest page content instead of loading any cached results ? Thanks.

19. JSP Page Not Refreshing

just try to save it. That should really solve the prblm..What i generally do is first remove every thing in the jsp....and write some blah blah..and then save it and run it.....and u will see all that blah blah...... now come back to the jsp code and undo and get back u r code and save it.. it surely works, if ...

20. JSP page refresh

How can I ensure that a JSP page is displayed/refreshed only after the entire page has been evaluated. Here's whats happening: 1. The JSP evaluates code snippets and starts displaying them. Its displays an html form and a submit button. 2. Midway through the page is a backend query that takes a significant amount of time to evaluate. 3. The results ...

21. Restore the data after the page refresh

I have a JSP page. I have 3 text fields here. I enter some values and submit the form. It talks to the server, does some DB ops and refreshes itself. Here, after the refresh, I want the values that were entered before to be retained with the text fields. so that I can reuse them. I know I can use ...

22. Refresh jsp page

23. Refresh a jsp page

Hello, I am doing some jsp pages. I am unable to refresh the pages dynamically. Could anybody tell me how to refresh jsp pages dynamically say by pressing a button in x.jsp i want to refresh y.jsp page. could anybody tell me how to do that Please. I am getting lot of trouble with these things. Thank you shanthi

24. Problem when refresh the page in weblogic8.1 workshop

Hi guys! How can i do in jsp(actually this is on html) to be submitted only when i click the submit button?Right now, i already submitted the form and then press the refresh button of the browser it is submitted again.i can i prevent this one? I am using weblogic8.1 workshop, Struts Framework . I have tried with below code in ...

25. Refresh JSP page

26. refresh jsp page

There are several ways for a browser to be refreshed: Put this in the head section of the html <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="600"> 600 would be the number of seconds to wait, so you would probably put about 5 seconds. or use a header: Refresh: 600;/index.html or Refresh: 600; Again, 600 being the number of seconds to wait, Refresh header is non-standard ...

28. Without refreshing the page

30. Regarding refreshing a JSP page

31. Refreshing jsp page

32. page refresh in jsp

33. automatic refresh of a jsp page

I have to query the database for every 5 minutes to check for any new records. If records are found, then it has to automatically refresh the home page(this is jsp page) displaying a page to the user that new record has been created. How can i achieve this? Any suggesstions please

34. problems while refreshing page

35. Refreshing a jsp page

36. About Page Refresh

37. page not get refreshed

38. refreshing page

in jsp page(enter_product_data.jsp) i am entering product details and on submit i am checking product id for duplicate records and if product id exists in database i am showing a page having error message. for coming from servlet to error message page i used requestdiapatcher's forward method. that page contains back button. back button onclick i wrote script. function backgo() { ...

39. New row adds to output on page refresh

40. refreshing the same page with old data

Hi friends, I have a requirement to refresh my web page, after receiving field-1 input, and display the received data in the same format along with related new fields. for example display all the states of a selected country Please advise which is the easiest technique? how to store the data while refreshing etc. please help

41. Preventing page refresh in jsp pages


I am trying to update a record in a JSP page which first fetch record from database, you make the relevant changes and on submit , It updates the record in the database. Now the problem is when I load this JSP page and ask it to show the specific record , It is showing the same old values as good ...

43. Refresh problem in JSP page

What does this line do? Vector temp = buildData.BuildForDisplay(rst); If rst is something you've retrieved from the session or request - More specifically if it's Vector rst = (Vector) req.getAttribute("PostTitlePool"); and if inside the BuildForDisplay function you simple add to the existing vector, then you will be concatenating your previous Vector onto the Vector you then stick into session.setAttribute("PostTitlePool", temp); And ...

44. jsp and refreshing previous page

I have a Jsp page that calls another jsp page to do some database transactions..after the second page has deleted/modified some records in the db it will report the status..and now when i go back to the first jsp page the records it was displaying should reflect the changes done by the second jsp..this is similar to what happens in ...

45. JSP pages dont get refreshed.

48. make servlet continually refresh page

50. Refresh a Servlet page

51. Refresh the same page

53. Capture Page refresh in jsp

55. Jsp page is not getting refreshed

56. Refreshing a page before forwarding

57. jsp page refresh problem

58. Refresh the JSP Page

60. Refreshing JSP Page

62. Refresh Desktop Page frm servlet in same sess

Orignial message at: By: vidhyau Problem: a. In a browser I open up a zul page. b. And in another browser, I call a servlet (in the same session with jsessionid) and the desktop id. c. All I would need the servlet to do is redirect/refresh the page of the desktop in the 1st browser. I was able to get ...

63. Need to refresh the jsp page which shows the result

thank you for your reply you are right that i am refreshing the page.Since this is web application and i am using session for every login and i think this is happening due to session is expering after some time around 50 mins. They are around 35 users are using this application so i cann't make my session to never expire. ...

64. Page Refreshing problem in jsp

65. Refreshing jsp page

66. Refresh a jsp page

67. JSP page refresh

68. Page Refresh problem in JSP