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1. How to take previous value during refresh of a servlet

I hava a servelt. I am using the following code to refresh. res.addHeader("Refresh", "10"); But before I am reading the date using a form. For the first time, it works fine. But after 10 ...

2. how to prevent reexecute action when refresh in jsp

I use jsp to write a application, and i encounter such a problem, that the browser will always cache the URL i execute, so when user refresh the page, the action ...

3. My jsp not getting refreshed

I have a jsp page in which i pass information to 2nd page where i display info in 2nd page using the info passed from the ist page.The problem arises when i ...

4. requestdispatcher forward adds again if i give refresh

I tried a code to insert values. I just noticed after giving add it displays successfully inserted,adds value into the database and if i refresh that page it inserts value again ...

5. JSP and HTML - Refreshing that doesn't up data the webpage

In my web client I have inside an if statement a command like this

myList = myBean.getNewList();
that references a global List and is displayed in table form in the web page. How is ...

6. Refreshing a file in JSP

I'm writing a JSP application which writes a text file to be downloaded by the user. The only problem is that the tomcat filesystem isn't refreshed so when the user clicks ...

7. How to refresh servlet through a method?

is there a way to refresh the servlet through a method call? Thanks.

8. random number generator without doing refresh

Hello I want to create a web page which can continually sending random value to data base without doing refresh . For example


9. Eclipse Servlet .class does not refresh when i change the .java source

I am new to Eclipse, i know that in windows environment i would recompile the changed source code and put the .class file in the classes directory it belongs. In eclipse ...

10. What is the meaning of response.setHeader("Refresh", "300")?

I am not quite sure of the significance of the following piece of code. It seems that it might cause the page to refresh automatically at some given interval. However, this ...

11. How to load a jsp without refreshing.

Consider i am having one jsp. Name is A.jsp. In A.jsp i have used grid to select some records. I have written one java script function to call one servlet.( Name ...

12. How to refresh ".jsp" file???

Hi Buddy I am able to call .jsp file from my system ONLY ONCE, after its creation. Our JSP-server is TOMCAT-Server 3.2.1 which is located in another machine(our network server -Win NT). If I modified the .jsp file from my system, I am not getting the refreshed version. I don't know why my jsp-server is not refreshing it. But If I ...

13. Problem Refreshing a JSP within itself.........

I am writing a JSP which removes items from a top LIST box to dynamically generate a Table below on the same page. And removing rows from the table to add back to the Top List. This is working well, EXCEPT that on removing one or more rows the items contained in the removed rows are not added to the top ...

14. How to solve refresh problem in JSP

Try putting a bit of javascript at the top of the page that will cause the page to be refreshed each time it is visited. -- I'm not sure of the exact javascript code, but I'm sure you can post something in the javascript forum and someone will be able to give you an idea of how do it.

15. refreshing problem in JSP

Hi I think u can do this way try it out. When u load the JSP page u can call a javascript function which consists od window.refresh() command. U try with this source code. Include the below code in u'r jsp page. //Javascripty code function loadrefresh() { window.refresh(); } call this function in body tag on onload attribute cheers Tejesh

16. refreshing a jsp - problem

I think we might need a bit more detail to help you out. For instance, What parameters are you passing in and how? Are you submitting 8 params from an html form? Have you placed 4 attributes in the session and 4 in the query string? Are you redirecting or forwarding to the page? Is the query string in the browser ...

17. JSP Refresh

18. Is there a way to control Refresh click

I agree with Yuriy Fuksenko but still not completely. My preferred solution if you are just protecting them from re-sumbitting data is to use sendRedirect to connect the pages rather than include or forward. ie client submits page, page is processed, sendRedirect is sent to client, forcing the client to re-request the page. This way a reload sends another request for ...

19. Refresh problem in JSP

20. Refresh problem with JSPs

Hi, On my JSP page I have a table that displays previous purchases (that are stored in an array list). Next to each purchase there is a "Remove" link. This link forwards to an initialising action class with the parameter ?Remove=. The item is then removed from the array list and the JSP is redisplayed. This is all very well - ...

21. refreshing problem

Hi i guess this is a common problem with JSPs .but i guess ur data is incomplete for solving.i guess if u provide a code snippet then it can help.anyways or else take a session attribute by using. String ses=session.getValue("action") the very first time the value of ses will be take a if loop .. if((ses==null)||(ses.equals("")) { //give the database ...

22. refresh while reading a file...

23. refresh every two minutes in jsp

Hi, Iam developing a chat site where I am using an vector in an application variable to store the chat Info When every time any user type an new Info (it's a general chat screen ) that is added to the application vector and displayed to every user accessing this site. What Iam doing is Iam just refreshing the site for ...

24. Refresh JSP

25. Refresh Client from server

26. refresh problem

If you are sure that you are sending the new data to the page after the update (are you?) then if it is showing the old data, you have a cache problem. It is possible that your problem lies in code logic, but that isn't borne out by the fact that a refresh brings up the new data.

27. refreshing before file download prompt

I have an app where I query a db according to criteria selected by user on form page, and put the resultset into a ".csv" file for them to download. Form page on index.jsp, processing done in process.jsp.... If query returns no data, I show a message on form page next to dropdown telling user there's no data for that selection. ...

28. refresh question

30. JSP-Refresh

Hope this makes sense --------------------------------------------------

On clicking an add button i add the rows dynamically as follows var row = tbl.insertRow(lastRow); var tbl = document.getElementById('TimeTable'); var lastRow = tbl.rows.length; var cellRightProjName = row.insertCell(0); var elProj = document.createElement('select'); elProj.setAttribute('name','projName'); elProj.onchange= function() {selectTask(document.TimeEntryAddForm,lastRow-1);}; for(var k=0;k
Activity Name

31. Refresh problem

Hi friends, i am developing jsp page that insert the records to database when i am clicking the submit button. I write the insertion code in same jsp page. When i am click the submit button, set the hidden value to true. If it is true insert the record and display the success message on the same page otherwise not. It ...

32. Automatic Refresh for a specific value

On my jsp page I display some values. I would like these values to reflect any new values every 60 seconds. Using javascript (window.onload) I am able to refresh the entire jsp page every 60 seconds. However, I do not want to refresh the entire jsp page only certain values displayed on the jsp page. Thank you for any thoughts and ...

33. IE6 refresh question

34. refreshing the screen in JSP

Hi, GK. Welcome to JavaRanch. You have stated your question in very general, unanswerable terms. Please be more specific about what you are doing and what results you get, i.e. exactly what the problem is. 1) Calling one JSP file from another JSP Use the same way you call one html page from another, perhaps a link on the first page. ...

35. Refreshing JSP skills

If you don't need to be taken by the hand from square one, then your best bet is probably the JSP spec itself. There is a link in my signature. You may also want to get a copy of the JSTL spec as well since that is the direction that most new JSP projects are going.

36. Refresh Problem.

Hi Everyone, I have the problem with refresh page. I have 2 JSP pages, a.jsp and b.jsp. In a.jsp, I display the information which is stored in the session. In b.jsp, I make some modifications to such information. When i come back a.jsp, the page still display the old information, but after press F5 or refresh button of the web's browser, ...

37. Refresh Once

Save a flag that indicates if the page has been refreshed using a session variable or cookie. On the second time you could then program the variable to wipe itself so future refreshes will still happen if the page is loaded all over again. Why would you want to refresh a page immediately after loading it?

38. JSP not refreshing

40. refresh is not working

41. How to refresh jsptree?

43. Resubmitting Refresh Problem

Dear friends and respective Owners How to avoid form resubmission when REFRESH clicked.

...... .....
when i click the refresh button, the form resubmit the hidden variables.. Even Javaranch fails when i refresh the forgot password page it resubmits the page, i got 5 respond pages to my mail ...

44. problem while refreshing action class

45. how to refresh data after delete in jsp

46. em.refresh required?!

Hi, I've got a big application which uses @version tags for the optimistic locking. The thing i'm getting is that in transaction1 a version gets incremented. - This is also done in the db - This returns correctly if i do a entityManager.find - This returns correctly if i do a entityManager.createQuery with simple eql. But in transaction2, the version is ...

47. Automatic Servlet Refreshing

Prabhu, Jason Hunter explains 2 techniques for this kind of auto refresh requirements. 1. Client pull and 2. Server Push. Client pull - means the client (the browser) automatically makes a request for every *** seconds period. Server push - means the server sends the reponse automatically to the browser. I grabbed the code for client pull from Jason Hunter's site ...

48. Servlet not refreshing

49. Want to refresh Top jsp(Interesting Question)

Hello I'm facing problem that i have an html file with two frames top and bottom.In top frame i'm using one JSP and in bottom the other. Now in top JSP i'm fatching data from database and display it row wise(actually this is report JSP), on bottom jsp by chosing perticular record on top i fetch all record into bottom jsp ...

50. JSP cannot be refreshed..

51. JSP not getting refreshed, Modrators Please Help

The Jsp pages are not getting refreshed .As the result the o/p from the bean(called in the corresponding JSP page) remains same. I have tried 'page','session',request' scope of bean but the problem could not be solved. This problem does not exist when I m running the application with the URL as "http://locahost:8081/pms/...." But as soon as I specify the IP address ...

52. urgent problem, jsp not getting refreshed

The Jsp pages are not getting refreshed .As the result the o/p from the bean(called in the corresponding JSP page) remains same. I have tried 'page','session',request' scope of bean but the problem could not be solved. This problem does not exist when I m running the application with the URL as "http://locahost:8081/pms/...." But as soon as I specify the IP address ...

53. "Refreshing" jsp

I'm trying to reuse several forms in my application, one in particular is giving me a problem. I have a jsp that presents a list of users and one control on this page allows me to delete a user. I use javascript to confirm the delete process, then set window location to a servlet. The servlet deletes the record from the ...

54. Refreshing JSP and servlet in TOMCAT3.2

55. How to get JSPs to refresh?

56. Servlet Shown only when Refreshed

57. Refresh problem in Servlets !!

58. Silent Servlet refresh!

59. refreshing servlet

60. jsp:forward and refresh

61. Servlet running continously and refreshing data!!

Hi EveryBody, I am working on a intranet Messaging System which involves sending messages to valid users whose name and password is maintained in a database table.Now the whole scenario is something like this when the sender sends a message to a valid user he gets a form in which he types his username,his own name and the message, this calls ...

62. Servlet Refresh

If I understand correctly you would like to display a page to the user and then either after n seconds or when some data changes on the server, refresh that page? The first can be done using the auto-refresh tag. E.g. would repost the page to the servlet after 30 seconds. The second is not possible. HTTP is ...

64. Refreshing the Servlet

67. Servlets App Problem with refresh time

68. auto servlet refresh

69. Refresh the Servlet

71. How to load a jsp without refreshing.

72. Refresh problem in Servlet

73. Servlet Refreshing at Regular Intervals

74. In-memory hashmap refresh in servlet

77. refresh (update) JSP webpage when JMS notification is received

// create data for web page public ModelAndView handleRequest(HttpServletRequest arg0, HttpServletResponse arg1) throws Exception { public ModelAndView handleRequest(HttpServletRequest arg0, HttpServletResponse arg1) throws Exception { HashMap model = new HashMap(); model.put("alarms", alarmService.getAlarms()); return new ModelAndView("/WEB-INF/jsp/alarm.jsp", "model", model); } public interface HWSManager { void Alarm(AlarmNotification notification); } public class MessageReceiver implements MessageListener { public void onMessage(Message arg0) { if (message instanceof ...

78. JSP auto refresh flickering problem

79. Jsp Refresh problem

81. updated data from child, refresh parent ,how to?

Hi, I have two pages : parent.jsp and child.jsp when I open parent.jsp it will populated from a database,whe I click the link update,the child.jsp popup and whatever change I do and I click ok , data will change in the database and the parent.jsp will refresh for new changed data from database. Any idea on how to do this. thanks. ...

85. JSP refresh bug

86. Dockbar "view.jsp" refresh issue

87. How to load a JSP without refreshing.

88. JSP Refresh problem

90. forbid refresh in jsp

91. How to load a JSP without refreshing.

92. How to get App Server to refresh its Servlet .class files in context?

How do you get the J2EE App Server to refresh it's cache of the Servlet .class file directories in a context? So when you make changes to your Servlets and recompile them and place them in the /classes directory, your browser shows the new Servlets. My Sun App Server 8.2 seems to cache the Servlet .class files, and when I change ...

93. Refreshing the jsp after closing the iFrame