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1. Why cant the container just use the IP address of the client? It is part of the request only     stackoverflow.com

Hi I like to know why can not the container just use IP address of the client to recongize the client. As IP address is unique. Still does it need to create JSESSIONID?

2. Get Server IP address from JSP Request/session object    stackoverflow.com

How can I get the IP address of the server from a JSP page? Right now, all I can do is request.getLocalName(), which returns the server name, not the IP address?

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This should be a common requirement. Please suggest. My service runs behind a proxy which receives http request from the client and forwards it to one of the many available servers . Now ...

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Is there any way to get the ISP and GeoLocation for a user that access a website in Java? Getting the IP is easy. It's request.getRemoteAddr(). Any hints on getting the ...