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1. JSP useBean Request scope question

I am setting the values of a java bean from a jsp page which has the useBean scope of request. Does this mean that the java beans will lose their value once ...

2. JavaBeans JSP dealing with GET requests

I understand how POST works but if for example the following GET request is made:

GET /index.jsp?page=home
How do I get the value, in this case home through to my java bean. i.e. ...

3. Easy way of populating Javabeans based on request parameters

I have a simple person class:

package simpleApp.entities;

public class Person {
    private String name;
    private String secondname;

    public void setSecondname(String cognome) {

4. Problem retrieving javabean instance from request in JSP

I am using WSAD and I created a javabean called confirmBean in the default package. It contains two private properties fname, lname and has public setters and getters In a servlet I placed values in the beans properties, then placed the bean in a request and then forwarded to confirm.jsp confirmBean cb = new confirmBean(); cb.setFname("testing"); cb.setLname("aaa"); req.setAttribute("mybean", cb); req.getRequestDispatcher("/confirm.jsp").forward(req,res); Here ...

5. JavaBean Request