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1. Servlet/JSP URLs when forwarding requests

My web app has a servlet called admin which when navigated to checks if the user is logged in and if the are directs to the the admin section, but if ...

2. web.xml servlet mapping for wildcard requests

I want one of my servlets (test2) to handles the "/" request (i.e. http://localhost/), while another servlet (test1) handles all other requests ("/*"). I set up my web.xml below, but ...

3. Is it portable to reference the request parameter map after a request-cycle?

I'd like to know if its conform to the java servlet specification 2.5 to reference/save the return value of request.getParameterMap() between requests. The final specification only states at page 203: Returns: an immutable ...

4. How do I filter all incoming requests and not just ones mapped to servlets?

I am toying around with embedded Jetty and I am wondering why my filter only intercepts /hi and not any other incoming request. Here is my example case: Without Filter:

=> "Hello"
=> 404
With ...

5. mapping servlet to serve my requests

I would like to map a servlet to serve the requests that includes 'app' and ends with *.html in the following way

but on running the application it gives me an error
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: ...

6. which is best way to map servlet request parameters to a java class?

Possible Duplicate:
Easy way of populating Javabeans based on request parameters
Hi, I have a Java Object with a set of search parameters, sth. like
public ...

7. The simplest way to map URLs to request handlers in Java

I'm prototyping a simple RPC server in Java for an internal application. While eventually I'd like to switch to a specialized, high performance RPC library such as MessagePack, Apache Avro, ...

8. Servlet - Request Path MApping doubt

10. Request mapping to servlets

11. Mapping a request to a JSP in WEB.XML

13. Mapping the Servlet request

14. Mapping the Servlet request

Dear Sir, I have two queries. First question is: I have a Html page. On which Have two buttons Submit and Issue. I want when I click on Sumit button request should be go to submit.jsp. and When I click on Issue button then request should be go to Issue.jsp.But When I click on submit button request do to Issue.jsp. Second ...