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Basically I want one servlet to handle all incoming request regardless of the path. I'm on shared hosting environment with access to configure my own web.xml file. I have the following ...

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I want to setup a JSP page to:

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I'm trying to unit test a java WFS web service implementation. The service can accept requests containing KVP params such as: http://www.someserver.com/wfs&SERVICE=WFS&VERSION=1.1.0&REQUEST=GetFeature&TYPENAME=InWaterA_1M or it can ...

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Configuring servlets in web.xml usually follows this pattern:

What configuration do I use if I want all requests to go to the same servlet?

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How, if possible, do I get the raw XML request/response that is invoked/retrieved by Axis in my application? I'm using WSDL2Java that is included with Axis to generate the Java stubs. EDIT: What I ...

6. submit post request through Document Builder    stackoverflow.com

Document xmlDocument = builder.parse(request.getInputStream());
Request here is sent as POST; But I am unable to get the process the request in the servlet. Below exception is thrown
org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Content is not allowed ...

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I need to send my request as a xml to servlet from jsp. how can i do that?

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Ok - you have the simplest possible situation, just sending an XML formatted string in the body of a request and getting one back. Here is some code I used one time to do this where reqStr is the XML string already in memory and "response" is a String variable: void sendRequest()throws Exception { System.out.println("Start sending " + action + " ...

10. How to parse a request string(xml format) from a flash file in a JSP Page    coderanch.com

I've used flash in JSP pages before, but only so far as the Creative department telling me.. "it should go here", and me telling them "the link is home.jsp?flashStart=blah" How do you get a query string *from* a flash file? And remember that JSP's are run on the server, and flash runs on the browser.

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I will try to clarify. I'm receiving request in my servlet. It was sent as an AJAX-type request and contains an xml stream. There's a security issue that requires redirecting the user to the login page. After a successful login, I want to have access to that xml stream, and process it in the original servlet the request was made to. ...