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1. How does JSP process concurrent requests?

I guess my question is, a JSP is compiled into a single servlet instance that serve multiple requests. How do I make it threadsafe?

2. How to set limit to the number of concurrent request in servlet?

I got this servlet which return a pdf file to the client web browser. We do not want to risk any chance that when the number of request is too much, the ...

4. multiple concurrent request and handling by a servlet

No, of course not. Not allowing multiple threads to access code doesn't make the code thread-safe. It just prevents it from being an issue. So let's say you're lazy and just synchronize your servlet code instead of writing it properly in the first place. What happens when two clients hit the servlet at the same time? What about ten clients? What ...

5. Concurrent Requests on Servlet

Nah not quite, the first two have 1 second delay... the second two have 2 seconds... so it's doing 2 concurrently. I want to be able to have them all done at once, obviously it will need 10 threads for that. How would I do that without holding up the rest of the queue?