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1. Problem reading data from servlet get request!

I have a servlet get request URL like this

How to read values thats available after #token? request.getParameter(#token) gives null.. Any help would be appreciated Thanks, Krishnan

2. How a servlet request data from other servlet?

Ok i was using only response.sendRedirect and forward to work with bought servlets but now i need that a servlet request the answer and not send the client to the other ...

3. Can I have a cache of dropdown data instead of getting it from DB on every request?

I am populating three dropdown menus using database stored procs. Each time the page is called it executes the store procedure and populates the dropdowns. Doing so it takes much amount ...

5. Share data between jsp and servlet without using request or session

Can you give an example of what this would be used for? It is possible to POST information to a servlet from a HTML/JSP page using AJAX without actually leaving the page the user is on. For example, click on the link "add 1" on a HTML page, and AJAX could intercept this via "onClick()" and send the information to a ...