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I'm using <%=request.getRemoteUser()%> to retrieve the logged on user's ID within Tomcat. What would be the equivalent using JSP Simple Expression Language?

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I have a request object with String attribute name1. When request is sent to JSP I would like to use name1 parameter as a name of application scope bean to retrieve ...

3.  must be used with a namespace?    stackoverflow.com

I tried:

<c:if test="${!request.isRequestedSessionIdFromCookie()}">
in ony of my JSPs since c:url isn't encoding my url's for some reason. (working on that one). So I wanted to try and check if cookies are enabled with ...

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I have a web app, where I have different navigation anchor tags such as Home, Profile and etc. What I want: When I press anchor tags like home or profile. I just want ...

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I have come across this question in one of the JSP tutorials and tests. Which among these three objects can we use in expressions and scriplets without having to declare them explicitely? ...

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I could not figure out a way of sending content to a JSP element without using expression language and request dispatcher. The problem is that I can't change the browser URL ...

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