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1. How to convert entites of JSP request arguments for html form textarea?

I am new to JSP and generating a form with a text area. Is there a library to convert the text from/to an HTML's FORM TEXTAREA that will convert to/from ...

2. servlet request missing form get parameters

Hi I have deployed a jsp application on WAS 6 server. My application as a refresh button, which internally on click calls servlet and passes some parameters appended. But some times it behaves strangly. It is missing some parameters. And opens a save dialog box. But I am not facing same problem in WAS 5 server. Can you help me in ...

4. Multiple forms, but only one servlet to handle requests. Is it possible?

Easy - just use a hidden variable in each form to direct the processing of the request. My crystal ball is in the shop for the 10,000 vision checkup so I can't see your code - perhaps you should post some of it? NOT all of it, the part getting the NPE. Bill