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1. local host network monitor and httpservlet request

I have two Tomcat servers on my machine that communicate with one another. 1) Can someone recommend on a good (free) network sniffer so I'll be able to monitor the requests/ ...

2. Additional Ascii char 'Â' added in JSP request

I am facing the same issue in tomcat & jsp as listed in below asp issue Using tomcat 5 and jsp. When I type in a string containing like ±20°C and ...

3. Using request.getSession() in servlet best way get data to servlet?

I was passing parameters into a servlet to generate an excel spreadsheet. I then realized this could be dangerous in some cases. Especially if a user could guess parameters ...

4. How to identify the JSP page that sent the request?

I've searched all over the internet for an answer but i found none. I have a Servlet (the controller ) that's processing two forms from two different JSP pages. Is it possible to ...

5. request parameter string get changed when read in servlet

My web application has a Flex as front-end or as UI point and Java as back-end.
In which all the request are come in servlet from the flex side.
But when i enter ...

6. Compojure: getting the body from a POST request from which the Content-Type header was missing

Given this snippet:

(defroutes main-routes
    (POST "/input/:controller" request
        (let [buff (ByteArrayOutputStream.)]

7. Question about ServerAuthModule on HttpServlet layer and HttpRequest "javax.servlet.request.X509Certificate" attribute

Depending on how important this double authentication use case is, perhaps I'll have to describe how this is done in servlet profile of jsr 196. Generally speaking jsr 196 relies on the encompassing runtime to deal will setting up the connection; with the presumption being that it could read any ssl attributes established by the runtime.