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1. Why won't my Servlet respond to JSON requests in UTF-8?    stackoverflow.com

My Servlet just won't use UTF-8 for JSON responses. MyServlet.java:

public class MyServlet extends HttpServlet {

  protected void doPost(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res) throws Exception {

    PrintWriter writer = res.getWriter();


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How do I use JSON in java servlet? Using the URL, to pass parameters from a POST servlet, the JSON would respond based on the URL parameters.

3. send parameter from request through json    stackoverflow.com

How can I resend parameter I received from servlet to servlet using json. Here's what I mean, I am using this way to pass parameters to servlet

<a href="StudentManagementServlet?page=${page}&isActivated=${isActivated}" >
but now, I wanna ...

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I am building a Java-based web service (using JSON as a data encoding) that will need to handle up-to 2,000 HTTP requests per second. The processing required for each request ...

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I'm posting a json request to server. I can see the http post is done correctly in firebug. (I'm sure the json format is valid) eg. {datas:[{"a":1, "b":2},{"a":5, "b":6}]} my question is, ...

6. For Servlet request, FireFox is opening file for JSON Data    coderanch.com

Hi , I am using Google Visulization to display Column Charts . Redraw of the chart isn't working . I am making Ajax Requests for the Menu i developed , but FireFox is opening file for JSON Data , please see the screen shot attached