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1. request parameter is taking null value in servlets

I want to know how can I get the value of the request parameters "j_username" and "j_password"? After successfully login using form based authentication, I want my servlet to get the ...

2. Struts2 getting request object as null

I am facing a strange error in Struts2, I am getting a null pointer exception when trying to set attribute into request scope,

Struts Problem Report
Struts has detected an unhandled ...

3. Seam: Session component is null and taglibs are compiled in each request

I made a change to our cluster-deployed application to be authenticated via Oracle SSO with Dynamic Directives using a servlet Filter. The filter sits in front of all the ...

4. Key in Request Token is null or blank- Brick red Social Auth

I need to import contacts to the enable my web app users to send invitation to his/her friends from my site, I am using SocioAuth Open source API to ...

5. Why does request.getCharacterEncoding() return null?

I have the following code in JSP

<%@page contentType="text/html;charset=utf-8" pageEncoding="utf-8"%>
and also in web.xml I have a filter

6. null value in request

8. request.getParamter returning null

11. Null request parameter from Select/Option element

I have successfully coded almost exactly the same thing and have it working; but I've been looking at this one several hours and just cannot determine my mistake or lack of understanding. In the JSP, I have: <% ResultSet papersRetrieved = (ResultSet)request.getAttribute("paperTitles"); %>