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I have a problem with a JSP file. I want to retrieve the header but I have an error:

Une erreur s'est produite à la ligne: 45 dans le fichier jsp: /logTest.jsp
Enumeration ...

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I'm sure this is easy, but I don't work with website development very often and I'm lost on this one. I have a web application that needs to support multiple clients with ...

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I have a form in jsp. I have to populate it based on the request object (from the servlet). How do i use Java Script for accessing request object attributes or ...

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I'm working on some user related tasks for a website. For cases when the person is registering or editing a user, they fill out a form and the request is handled ...

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I have a JSP page with the following javascript code:

var refreshAjax = {};
function refreshDataOnClickHandler()
        Event.stopObserving($("refreshdata"), "click", refreshDataOnClickHandler);

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I am using the prototype library in java script, and using Ajax.Request to actually, call a different jsp, but my previous request object is lost in the transition. Is it possible to ...

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I'm sending the data from HTML page to the Servlet and in Servlet I'm using the Enumeration from request.getParameterNames(), but I'm not getting the data in the sequence in which it ...

8. how to use "request" object within a function in jsp    stackoverflow.com

    String fname=request.getParameter("fname");
    String username=getVal("lname");
    private String getVal(String param){
        return request.getParameter("fname");



org.apache.jasper.JasperException: ...

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Hi Folks. I have a multipart form JSP template for file upload which also has couple of hidden input fields. This template posts to a second JSP template to perform the transaction. I generate some vaules in the second template that now need to be assigned to the submitted hidden field from the first template. I then pass the request object ...

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This is well-known browser behavior. It's not just check boxes either, the same thing happens with text fields etc. When browser forms were first introduced it was seen as a sensible network efficiency move to nt send back values which have not changed. After all, surely whoever wrote the page knows the default values, so no reply is the same as ...

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i have a problem. i have a jsp page whose onSubmit is to a frameset(for eg.

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Hello, I understand that I need to access the request attribute object in a jsp using the following: <% request.getAttribute("username")%> assuming there exists an attribute as username. But here I am using scriplets which should be avoided. I would like to try the same thing using EL. Using the implicit pageContext object I may be able to do the following: ${pageContext.request.method} ...

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