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1. How do I prepend <%= request.getContextPath() %> to all relative URLs inside a jsp page?

The subject says it all, almost. How do I automatically fix jsp pages so that relative URLs are mapped to the context path instead of the server root? That is, given ...

2. Is there any specific available method in jsp/Servlet API which tell you from which page the request is being redirected

I have been working in Oracle iStore from past 4 months and I have been managing the application without any IDE (basically doing all the chores on notepad only because application ...

3. How to disable GET requests to JSP page?

I am fixing some old defects and as part of one defect, I need to make sure that some requests are being only POST to the JSP page instead of a ...

4. Can Wicket handle two requests from the same page within the same session concurrently?

When I click on link 1 and then, before the response was received, click on link 2 on the same page, I get a "Page Expired" error from Wicket. Is Wicket ...

5. How to forward the request to another JSP page upon click of a link in a JSP page?

I have a link in the jsp page, upon the link click, how can I forward the request to another jsp page.

6. What classes represent the four different scopes: page, request, session, and application?

What classes represent the four different scopes: page, request, session, and application? I am unsure of the first one, but think the rest might be ServletRequest, HttpSession, and ServeltContext.

7. Adding a servlet filter that wraps the request into a HttpServletRequestWrapper seem to break page forwading

I'm having issues getting servlet forwarding to work when the request have been wrapped by a HttpServletRequestWrapper. This is a server-side equinox application, running from within Eclipse using the embedded Jetty web ...

8. Request parameter in jsp page

Im setting my parameter in my jsp like so -

<s:url id="open" action="viewEvent">

9. how to get the source page which request other page in JSP

I have a form

<form name=frmMain method="POST"  action="processUpload.jsp" enctype="multipart/form-data">
<p align="center"><table border="1" align="center" width="90%" cellspacing="0" bordercolordark="white" bordercolorlight="black">
<td width="261" height="111">
<table border="0" cellspacing="0px"  bordercolor="#B9B9B9" id="AutoNumber1" style="border-collapse: collapse" cellpadding="0px" align="left" width="100%" height="114">

10. Routing request to matching pages using guice servlets

i am developing inherited jsp/java ee application and I would like to introduce Guice IoC container to my application. However I found some obstacles. I can't translate web.xml entries into guice ...

11. How to return cached gzipped html pages to http servlet request?

I have a small servlet returning several html pages. The content of one of these pages is pretty complex, but changes only every hour or so. However, it is requested often ...

12. how to include Servlet request parameters to a new JSP page?

In the Java Servlet, how to include original paramters after response ?

protected void service(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException {
        String cmd = ...

13. Bug waiver request: nb701/java 7 -- cannot compile jsp pages (bug 201414)

I am requesting a waiver for this bug for NetBeans 7.1: Synopsis: nb701/java 7 -- cannot compile jsp pages. User impact: When source level is set to Java 7, JSP pages can not be compiled, and pages that use JDK 7 language constructs do not run on GlassFish. Justification: This is a bug in 3rd party code (GlassFish), so fix ...

14. How to exclude request from a jsp page in struts2.1.6?

15. how to access out and request parameters from a JSP page into a bean URGENT

There are several answers. Bill is correct, you could write the bean to have a method which recieves the request or out objects. The classic answer for request parameters is to provide a setXXX for every parameter on the submit and set them in your bean with a simple call to < jas:setProperty name="beanName" property="*" /> There isn't a simple way ...

16. URL of page that sent the request

17. request.getParameter() from same page as HTML FORM

I have a jsp page with a form. form contains a textfield, once the user submits the form, i want jsp scriptlet to get the value of the user input and carry out processing on it within the same page and give a result. problem is the first time the page is loaded, there is an error in the request.getParameter() statement ...

18. IE doubles page request when the content type is for plugin

Hi all, I'm generating SVG file from my jsp page, so when i want it to be displayed by plugin i have to set content type to image/svg+xml. Mozilla works ok, but IE( ) works this way: -it requests the page -but when he see it is the content for plugin, it doesn't transfer my response to plugin, but requests the ...

20. Difference between page and request

21. request scope for 3-4 pages

I don't really understand the entirety of what you are asking, but request scope exists for a single request. And since a request can result in just one response -- hence one page -- there is no way to make it persist across multiple pages. For data to persist across pages, you either need to store it in the session or ...

23. Page scope and request scope

24. is it possible to find out which servlet forwarded request to a JSP page

Referer won't necessarily identify the forwarding servlet; it will report what the brwser decided to put into the header. Especially if the request has been forwarded around a bit, this may or may not be useful. My question is: why would you want to do this? Passing info forward (via attributes) is a much more conventional and architecturally pure mechanism. Back-tracking ...

27. Forwarding a request object to two different JSP pages

You can only forward to one single thing ... So, depending on what you mean by "forward", you may be thinking of including those two separate pages. JSP does indeed have standard actions for including and forwarding to pages -- so, I would recommend you check out some good JSP documentation and go from there.

30. bean is in 'request' and searching property is in 'page'

Hi On page 347 (and on other pages also) of HFS&J, the scope where we are searching for bean object (or where object will be created if not found) is request. But while getting property, we are not specifying any scope, it means it is page scope (default one). Then how it ...

31. request object is not propagated to next page

In a jsp If I have a submit button that takes me to another page,will the request object still be available in that next page. Iam facing the following issue . First.jsp ---------

<% String st="abc"; request.setAttribute("abc",st) ; %> Second.jsp --------- The value is : ${abc} Output: ------ The value is : (nothing ...

33. difference between page and request

35. page request counter

36. Servlet request a page?

40. Scope of Request across jsp pages in a web app

I have been trying to use request.setAttribute() to pass values from one jsp page to another.It does not work.I keep getting a null pointer exception. When i use a session and the store the attribute it works fine. I get that the attribute becomes associated with the entire session and thus is available to any part of the current session. Why ...

41. request object in multiple jsp pages

Hi, if i have 4 jsp pages viz 1.jsp, 2.jsp, 3.jsp & 4.jsp 1.jsp uses form parameter say "one" & after submit calls 2.jsp 2.jsp uses form parameter say "two" & after submit calls 3.jsp 3.jsp uses form parameter say "three" & after submit calls 4.jsp if i want to refer the all jsp pages parameters in 4.jsp by giving <%=request.getParameter("one") ...

42. Multiple requests made on each single page load

Hi, I have a filter infront of my JSPs and this seems to be getting called multiple times when I hit a JSP. I have tracked this down to images in my page with standard img HTML elements causing the requests. It seems that each image will cause another hit on the filter. The problem is that the filter does a ...

46. Request to JSP page

If you want to stop the access to a jsp resource directly then Yes putting in web-inf is the easiest solution. Of you want to stop access to a jsp based on some input/authentication criteria then using a filter is a preferred solution. If your doubt is still not answered just elaborate the problem definition.

50. duplicate request submission while saving the web page as .mht

Hi All, Am facing one problem with save as .mht extension. While saving web page as .mht extension, automatically duplicate request are submitting (some time one duplicate request, some times 2 duplicate request). am not facing any problem with save as .htm or .html. Please throw some light on this problem, thanks in advance. Regards, Gopi.

51. jsp:useBean standard action and the request scope [HFSJ page 420]

Hi All - [PROBLEM SOLVED] Below is a good example of how to use the jsp:useBean standard action. Thanks, Harry package foo; public abstract class Person { private String name; public Person() { } public String getName() { return; } public void setName(String name) { = name; } } package foo; public class Employee extends Person { private int ...

52. request from a jsp page in a servlet

Orignial message at: By: nobody Hello, I have implemented a MVC application using jsp (with zk tags), javabeans and servlets. The application works properly when making inserts, updates and deletes to an oracle database, but when latin characters like "a, a, i, i K" are used. When I insert one of them and want to insert or update, the characters ...

53. forwarding a request to another jsp page

I know this might be a simple question but i have tried different stuff and nothing works for me. Since i dont know about MVC architecture yet so i am doing it the long way and the bad way. The point right now is to get it done with my own skills. Anyways back to the question. I have a form. ...

54. counting of no request to a jsp page

55. How to block direct jsp page request