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1. Ajax request parameters, what am I doing wrong?

I'm formulating an Ajax request using prototype in the following method:

function updateServerStep(stepNumber){
    alert("updating server step to " + stepNumber);
    var params = {stepNumber:stepNumber};

2. JSP request object has no parameters

I have a JSP file, create.jsp, which receives a POST request from an Ext grid containing a data parameter. Firebug displays a POST like this:

When I try to retrieve the data ...

3. problem dealing with request parameter using jsp within a javascript block

I've a jsp page which saves a request parameter inside a javascript variable. Say a user visits the page through a wish list then the param fromWishList is set to 1, ...

4. Jetty Server - how to handle a GET request with parameters?

this must be awfully simple, but I didn't find an answer. Here is an easy example on how to listen to a get request with a jetty server. However, it doesn't ...

5. how to recieve all the parameters from XMLHttpRequest request on server side?

I am using XMLHttpRequest to create a simple form submit and pass 2 parameters. On the server side I am receiving both the parameters but how to get them in different ...

6. JSP executing a action that parameter points at

I want to execute an action using the parameter I get from url for example (http://localhost:8080/demo/faces/helloWorld.jsp?name=Gokay+Emin+EVRESE&password=123456&action=register).I want it to go to register.jsp or another page depending on the action parameter.Can I ...

7. Efficient way of identifying request parameter

There are 11 request parameters coming from client side to a servlet. Once a request comes any one of them is set. I need to identify which parameter is ...

8. Associative array request parameter parsing with Java Servlet

Is it possible to parse the string keys from a request such as this, with the Java servlet API? http://localhost:8080/?assocArray[key1]=value1&assocArray[key2]=value2&assocArray[key3]=value3 getParameterValues("assocArray") returns ["value3","value1","value1"] The ordering of the values in the returned array is ...

9. selecting an option in a dropdown list using request parameters

I'm kind of new to this so please bear with me. I have a value from the db which needs to set the currently selected value in a dropdown .this is ...

10. Ajax request parameter cannot be retrieved within servlet issue

As part of learning Ajax, I have created a little servlet + some HTML page + Javascript code. The page contains a couple of buttons. The idea is to pass a ...

11. Cannot get parameters from request object

Hi, i am looking to find away to obtain the parameter names from a request object. From looking at the API i have found two ways to get this. the first <% java.util.Enumeration enum = request.getParameterNames() ; if( enum.hasMoreElements() ){ %> <%= enum.nextElement() %> <% } %> only seems to find the last parameter name ...

12. removing parameter from request object

13. Parameter from request in JSP

14. Problem fetching request parameter

15. JSP markup reuse and request parameters

16. storing parameters in request object

Hi All, I am developing an application in which one jsp page is going to have 4-5 multiple select drop down boxes each generated dynamically with data from database and holding some thousands values in each. Now I am confused as to whether I should first call a servlet to populate data in individual vector for each drop down and then ...

17. Request parameter is missing

19. request.parameter

20. Plugin to display request parameters

21. Can't get parameter from request

23. Keeping old request parameters alive

24. problem in getting the request parameters

index.jsp code "

user id
" the above is the login page aftersubmitting it will call formvalidation.jsp ...

25. Servlet Chain and Request Parameters.

I have what I hope is a fairly straightforward question. I want to create a servlet_a which accepts a POST request with some parameters (through a form submission) on server_a. The servlet would then some login information (username and password for example) from the file system and then redirect to servlet_b running on server_b. This servlet would perform some authentication using ...

29. JSP: Request Parameters