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1. HEAD GET decoded requests

We run a service on jboss. Sometimes we receive requests that have params completely decoded. Below is the apache access log entries. Look at the redirect_url params in following urls. For ...

2. JavaScript & JSP

Firstly, I have done my research and already know that JavaScript = client JSPs = server side. I don't want to waste your time. My situation is that I want to ...

3. Apache Commons fileUpload problem in java servlet

I tried doing this with Apache Commons FileUpload:

protected void processRequest(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
throws ServletException {

    PrintWriter out = null;

    try {


4. Servlet control multiple request

When i click a link im calling a servlet. When i click that link multiple time the servlet throws an error (error details not important) Though there are other work around for this ...

5. Ajax Requests again

I have again a problem with my ajax requests. my architecture hasn't change, so I use a Java servlet on the server side, and on the client I'm running a JavaScript ...

6. WAS 6.1, Java 5 : Interesting Issue - Request with word 'CD' not reaching the servlet

Recently, we deployed our web-application to a new set of servers.

AppServer: Websphere 6.1
Environment: Java 5, JSF, SOAP
There is a 'form' on a web-page that contains a 'TextArea' and a 'Submit' ...

7. Where are the request method constants in the Servlet API?

I want to write

if (POST.equals(req.getMethod()))
instead of
if ("POST".equals(req.getMethod()))
but I cannot find the constant definitions in the Servlet API (only looked in HttpServletRequest, where I expected them to be). Where are they (I am ...

8. What is exactly is Ajax request? Is it different from Servlet Request?

can anyone tell me. What exactly is Ajax request? Is it different from Servlet Request?

9. In java servlets, how do I tell if the current request is from an include?

From within a servlet, how can I tell if the servlet is being called by a RequestDispatcher("").include, or if it was called normally?

10. Is there a standard constant in Java used to refer to HTTP request methods?

Possible Duplicate:
Where are the request method constants in the Servlet API?
I'm looking for a Java string constant to refer to HTTP request methods (GET, ...

11. request.setCharacterEncoding("UTF-8") wrong when going to myEclipse from JBuilder2008

hi I am working about a project.I was working with JBuilder2008 till last and my codes was true and my projefct whould work successfully.for today I have got to work with MyEclipse. and ...

12. Getting a non-selected radio buttons from request in servlet Java

It may seem strange, but I need to get values of non-selected radio buttons for each radio button's group. I have used the code below to get all the selected buttons ...

13. Interpreting request as JSP instead of through servlet

This should be relatively simple to do but I've yet to find a description of how to do it. My setup is a simple web app that processes every request through a ...

14. XMLHTTPrequest request not working

I tried the following code to send request to jsp page on a click of button. I checked on Httpfox but no request is going. I just used the whole of ...

15. Servlet Flow on a Request via Ajax

Ext.Ajax.request({url:'DeleteAction',success: doneFunction,failure: errorFunction,params:{name:rname}});
The above code is my Ajax request which goes to DeleteAction Servelet. Can anyone let me know what happens next in the below code.
  1. When this file is called what ...

16. problem with AJAX request

i hava created the ajax XMLHttpRequest request for getting the data dyanmically , here is the code

var XMLHttpReq;
function createXMLHttpRequest() { if (window.XMLHttpRequest) { ...

17. Java App to receive http PUT and Get request

I am looking for advice on how to go about writing a small and simple application that will receive http GET and http PUT request, process the data (simple text files) ...

18. How will the HTTP request be served in servlet?

Can you please explain me how the HTTP request will be served in servlet?

19. Servlet requests

in Servlet which types of requst (protocols)will handle. ? i mean , http, https,

20. Servlet request processing

Greetings, I have a servlet which pulls an "action" parameter from a querystring. Based on this string I perform the required action. What is the best way to check the value of the ...

21. REST request to JAVA Servlet

I have some JavaScript which I want to perform a REST Request (GET) to my servlet. The format of the record I want to send is in the following format ...

So ...

22. How to request and get a webpage using http request in jsp

How do I get an xml page (I mean an REST API from an web service), parse it and display it in my website, in jsp?

23. jsp update request happens to be invoked by a link

<tr class="bg-row1">
    <td class="td-highlighted-2">
     <div align="left"><a href="<%=contextPath%>/jsp/admin/UpdateProject.jsp"><%=searchList1.getProjid()%></a></div>
    <td class="td-highlighted-2">
      <div align="left"><%=searchList1.getProjname()%></div>

24. Performance tuning: Reading servlet request body

We are having a performance problem in our application - particularly when the browser client submits large volume of POST data to the server. The bottleneck is in reading the servlet request ...

25. How to keep HTTP request from timing out, JSP?

Hi How should I go about preventing http request from timing out? Thanks much

26. get HttpSession|Request from simple java class not servlet class

i want session Object not in servlet class but ordinary from we application. WEB.XML

public class ViewPrices ...

27. How to make a servlet to only handle requests from a particular website?

I have a servlet that handles some request and sends out a response accordingly. So if I need to test my servlet is working well, I would simply type the ...

28. What is wrong with XMLHttpRequest request?

I am using XMLHttpRequest to create a simple form submitand get session variable from the servlet. But nothing seems to work. Can somebody point out where am I going wrong? Here is ...

29. execute Webdav PROPFIND request using javascript

I want to perform Webdav PROPFIND request in javascript. How can i do that?

30. How to simulate a HTTP request compatible with apache common's ServletFileUpload?

I am currently trying to test some code I have in a web application that takes a HTTP multipart/form request and converts it into a list of FileItems I can use ...

31. Java receive file from http request

I should write servlet that receive File from request. I want to store this file in local dir on the server. How can I do that? Thanks a lot :)

32. 100 simultaneous requests on a servlet

I would like to test a sevlet that I 've made with simultaneous requests (100 or 1000 or more). I was searching about it and I found JMeter but I am ...

33. How to get the domain name from the request in a Java servlet?

If a single servlet serves data from two domains and, how do you retrieve the domain information from the request in a Java servlet? The purpose is to perform different ...

34. Is it possible to Handle ftp request using servlet?

Is it possible to write a servlet which handles FTP request instead of usual HTTP request?, If yes, how can we do this?

35. IllegalStateException: Not supported on AsyncContext.startAsync(req, res)

I have created a servlet 3.0 to explore asynchronous request processing:

@WebServlet(name="MyTest", urlPatterns={"/MyTest"}, asyncSupported=true)
public class MyTest extends HttpServlet {

    public void doGet(HttpServletRequest req, HttpServletResponse res)

36. How to "throw" a Bad Request from a JSP

I have a very simple JSP file, which more or less displays a get variable.

<p>Hello, <%= request.getParameter("name") %></p>
So, if I go to webpage.jsp?name=Alice, I'd get Hello, Alice. If I just go ...

37. Wicket and responding with "not HTML" to requests

I'm sure this has been answered somewhere else - but I don't know where I need to respond to HTTP requests from a partner, in our wicket website. The partner expected the ...

38. Servlets and JSPs. A simple request?

I have a number of Java Server Pages set up already and I would like to use a Controller/View system by adding a Process Servlet (which extends HttpServlet). I just want to ...

39. Use a Servlet to handle AJAX requests?

Basically a yes or no question but I am also looking for advice on best practices for implementation. Let me know when/if I start to go wrong.

  • I have a specific Servlet (AjaxServlet?) ...

40. read httppost request messages without a server

I have a third party server that is periodically sending http post request messages to an URL(can be configured). In my application I am reading data by starting a jetty server ...

41. unencrypted login request in jsp

I have an authentication jsp page where i am checking whether user is giving correct username and password and password is being passed like username i.e. password is not displayed ...

45. JSP Link bad request

46. translation + request phase

47. Http Request Pooling!!

Dear Mr.Shan, Thanks for your reply. Actually my problem is, I've an JSP page with some query strings, i'l take that strings and i'l write it in the XML file, one thread is running behind and monitoring this XML file, as soon as a new value is founded in this file(that is the last one) this will take that value and ...

48. doubt about request

the user clicks on the "Continue" button to get to the next page, right? -- so that will be 2 sepearate requests. If you have a session, it will be 1 session, but 2 requests. Also, if you have any images on the page(s), each of those will be loaded by a seperate request.

49. pasing request from JSP to servlet

50. How to request a javascript var. for use in db query

.JSP In an employe creation form, the user need to type in his/hers postalcode. I have defined a table where I store postalcodes and its associated cities. When the user type in the postalcode, the textfield "city" should automaticly update itself to the appropiate city. At the moment I'm apple to copy the postalcode typed in "postalcode", to the field "city", ...

51. how 2 get attached files with request

52. Cannot use request.getContentLength() ?

Hello ! I am working with WebSphere 3.5.4 under Solaris 2.8, and I don't manage to use request.getContentLength() : in fact, it always returns 0 ! How can I do to know if something has been sent by a POST or GET protocol to my jsp page without this function ? Thanks, Gaelle.

53. Web Hoster Request

54. Request

55. A reference to the request obj

57. JSP request handling

58. LocalHost in request.serverName()

59. Problem with request taglibs

60. is there any request info that's present on link click, but not direct access?

I'm attempting to track clicks on our site's links... Is there any piece of info that would be present on a request to a page if the user clicked on a link on our site, and not be present if the user simply typed in the address in the browser?? (no data is appended to the url) Any advice greatly appreciated... ...

61. Can resolve symbol request

62. JSP Requests

63. Request for JSP Samples

64. New Request

66. synchronization on request?

67. servlet -> JSP: make a new request?

No, the most prevalent modern pattern is for the servlet to perform its processing, tack any data that needs to passed to the JSP onto the request as scoped attributes and to forward to the JSP where the scoped variables are referenced using the EL/JSTL. However, if the servlet receiving a form submission is a post that performs an action that ...

68. Multiple Requests

69. request coming from the new window

70. why request methods cannot be resolved inside functions?

ok sorry here is what i have plain and simple : <%! public String getScript(){ String jspPath = request.getServletPath(); String absoluteJspPath = application.getRealPath(jspPath); int ilstInx =absoluteJspPath.lastIndexOf("\\"); String jspCurrDir = absoluteJspPath.substring(0,ilstInx); ilstInx =jspCurrDir.lastIndexOf("\\"); jspCurrDir = jspCurrDir.substring(ilstInx); return jspCurrDir; } %> <% out.println(getScript()) ;%> what im geting is : request cannt be resolved and application cannt be resolved at ...

71. request.getLocalAddr()

Hi, I have the following lines of code in a .jsp file... request.getLocalAddr() = <%=request.getLocalAddr()%>
request.getLocalName() = <%=request.getLocalName()%>
The results I get are switched as follows: request.getLocalAddr() = localhost request.getLocalName() = When I deploy to a production Websphere Application Server 6.0 I get the server host and ip address, but they are also switched. Does anyone know what could be ...

72. request problems

73. request dispacher

74. server side request for pop up in JSP.

75. Handling multiple requests

76. Request Progression

79. How i can display records according to request

Hi all, Will anyone please tell me how i can display records according to request. I am explaining my problem. Actually i have a map in html file and i want to open a new window according to the area selected in this map. For example i am sending some part of my code so that you can have an idea ...

80. Request.ServerVariables()

81. Request in Java Class

85. Servlet Request (Integer)

86. Multiple Servlet Request

87. Multiple requests to a servlet

Tom You're correct. In a non-distributed servlet the container can use only one instance of a servlet unless the servlet implements the SingleThreadModel interface, then each instance is guaranteed to handle only one request at a time. In a distributed environment a container will have only one instance of a servlet per servlet declaration per JVM. Other than using the single ...

90. HTML->Servlet(mutiple request)

91. Using a servlet to initiate a request

This works only if URL.openConnection returns; it isn't guaranteed that it will be, even if the URL is an HTTP type. To make it work reliably across all browsers (in particular, the implementation by a certain company in Washington state, at least on some versions of IE), you need to catch an exception when doing the class cast. You can ...

92. Servlet request

93. Doubt in Servlet Request

In fact, due to the architecture of the Servlet specification a servlet engine with its single instance of a Servlet in a single process can handle a lot more simultaneous requests on the same hardware than can a traditional CGI engine which uses a process for each request. By using multithreading instead of multiprocessing the CPU load (and possibly memory load ...

94. Servlet and Requests

95. How to call servlet before each jsp request

Originally posted by bhavin pandya: Hello Friends, What I want to do is before request goes to any of my jsp i want to call one servlet. I am planning to check cache in that intermediate servlet .. if the requested jsp is already cached then that servlet only print the content from cached file. otherwise it will make url call ...

96. How container recognizes a request for servlet

When a J2EE web container receives any request, it first checks it's list of servlet mappings from web.xml. Only if the request is not found in that list does it assume it's a file and display the file. If it is found, it calls the servlet. In high volume sites, quite often there is a layer of one or more web ...

98. Servlet handling multiple requests?