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1. Servlets and HTTP Request

3. Requests to Servlets

For a servlet not hosted in a distributed environment (the default), the servlet container must use only one instance per servlet declaration. However, for a servlet implementing the SingleThreadModel interface, the servlet container may instantiate multiple instances to handle a heavy request load and serialize requests to a particular instance. In the case where a servlet was deployed as part of ...

4. servlet request

5. Question about servlet request methods

the doXXX methods are called by service() method which in turn is called by the container (tomcat for example) , the service() mehtod will always be called when ever a request comes to the container for a resource(servlet) but by allowing you to implement the doXXX() methods , the container gives you the power to accept or reject particular types of ...

9. [Request for illegal materials]

10. request.getRemoteAddr() on ajax call

11. Allowing only Ajax request

12. Doubt on servlet request

13. How to implement "Remeber me on this computer" or "Log me automatically on each request"

Hi, You can use a cookie to enable when a user selects this option. Now when a page loads, put a check to identify that cookie, if that cookie is null or not there then just load the login page or if it contains value then fetch username/password from that cookie and load a logged in page.

14. How is java code in jsp executed in first request ?

Following is the jsp page, which is rendered when client contacts the server for the page (Usually it should be HTML page). In this jsp page , there is java code which requires info from the client to be filled in the fields and that info is processed on the server. Now when this page is rendered at the first request ...

15. Making a request to Servlet from ServletContextListener:contextInitialized

I am trying to make a request to a servlet using HTTPClient within contextInitialized(ServletContextEvent event) of a ServletContextListener, but I get an exception saying that the web module has not yet been loaded. I am trying this on IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.0.x Is there any setting which can be used have the servlet initialized and ready to server requests when ...

16. How servlet process multiple request.

18. help to determine a request coming from which country

Hi i have to hide/unhide certain portion on my website based upon the audience. for example if the request comes from India i have to hide certain content and if the request comes from US then i have to show some extra content. is there a way i can determine if the request comes from US or India. i have used ...

20. Http Request Type in Servlet

21. When a request is sent to the servlet

22. how to overwrite a request param?

24. request argument and body initialize

25. Generating requests from servlets

Ulf's response covers a multitude of sins. This is how servlets invoke web services, which may be served up by the same server, a different server in the same machine (for example, a PHP-based web service in Apache httpd), or a server on some other machine. Coding is exactly the same as how a stand-alone Java app would issue and respond ...

27. Servlet handling multiple requests

28. how do I get the name of the sender of request

Hi guys , How are you all , let's say we have three servltes s1 s2 s3 , both s1 and s2 send a request to s3 so is there a way to know the name of sender(s1 or s2) from the request itself , is there any methods something like request.getSourceName() because I want to respond with different actions for ...

29. Purchase Request and layers

31. Request Resource not found

32. Sequenctial processing of requests

You would need to use a single instance of a message driven bean, so yes a Singleton MDB. You can usually control the number of instances via your server, though the need to use a single instance usually indicates an MDB is perhaps not the right choice. You could with change the logic of your application so ordering is less important, ...

33. Why so many Request method in servlet API

Rajeev roushan sharma wrote:Hi All, I have one doubt, why there are 7 request methods(like doGet,doPost etc..) are available in Servlet API ? if we want to write logic based on request method then we have httprequest.getMethod(). There shouldn't be any cases where you want to write logic which differs based on the request method. If your design says that a ...

34. an odd request, lookup within jsp

Hello, I have a req that everthing be within a single jsp file. The page takes in as a param a number and I need to map it to an image. I know i could do it with a huge if statement but there has to be a better way. for instance String path = ""; if(num == 1) path = ...

35. request.get not using generics

37. saving bytes received in different request

Hi All, Im new to forum and to java . Im devloping an application that uses HttpServlet for receiving request from mobile device. Im uploading an image from mobile to server and saving it on server. I am accepting one chunk in one request and saving it locally. But i dont know how to save second chunk along with first. Means ...

39. Unzipping a request in a servlet

Hi All, I have a jsp page with a browse button and upload option to upload any file/zip folder. When user browses any zip file and he clicks on upload button, the call goes to the servlet. Now the zip folder is coming through a request object in the servlet. The problem is i am not able to unzip and access ...

40. Multiple Requests on Servlet Errored

41. respose with out request

44. Help using request to foward to jsp

45. how to read request body in a servlet

47. servlet request...

48. Quick Question About JSP Request Paramaters

50. simpe servlet request problem

Hi All, i have a simple jsp which passes two get parameters to the servlet and then that servlet process it. But when i am pressing the submit button in my JSP the url is coming with //localhost:8090/.... instead of 8080 and saying resource not found. my action attribute is specified correctly in the JSP. Please help.

51. how to handle multiple request in the servlet

52. jsp:declaration and request

53. behaviour of jsp request

54. Request for advice over Java vs. Java Servlets and Flash

Hi... I want to program an online slot machine game which has some minimum graphics and lot of interaction between client and server. I would like to know if it is good to use Java Applets over Flash for the animation on screen. If so, WHY? I need this information to convince my manager to allow me to program in Java. ...