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1. Struts2 OGNL - Request parameters submission order

I am using jsp and struts2, and I have the following scenario:

<s:hidden name="empId" value="123"/>
<s:textfield name=""/>
<s:submit action="save"/>
When this form is submitted, the OGNL expression (equivalent to getEmployee().setName()) gets executed before "save" ...

2. Request to the servlet without any submit action from a jsp

I have a jsp ExpressLinking.jsp. As soon as we get to this jsp i need to send a request to the ControllerServlet with the query parameter of the request

After the Controller ...

3. old request when submit !??!

4. Submitting Request

If say, I have a hyperlink in a Jsp, clicking on which an action will be called to fetch data from the database. Assume that the data is huge and the response will occur only after 10 secs. During this time if the user clicks on the browser stop button; then what is the state of the request? To me it ...