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I am using Jetty 7.3.1 as my webContainer on ubuntu server. I have there heavy loaded web, 300 users online, with a lot of ajax. My problem is, that every 1-2 ...

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is the jspdestroy method is called only once during the life cycle of jsp like in sevlet? say one request comes for JSP1. After 10 minutes another request comes for the ...

3. How to measure execution time of request without network transfer time?    stackoverflow.com

In my valve I get the execution time of my http query like that :

public void invoke(Request request, Response response) 
throws IOException, ServletException {
long t1 = System.currentTimeMillis();
getNext().invoke(request, response);
long t2 = System.currentTimeMillis();
long ...

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Currently my applications url is displayed in the browser address bar. On my page I have a link to an external website. When I click on that it links to their ...

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I have javascript that uses jQuery.getJSON to request dynamic data. Once the request is made the first time I cannot get it to request again unless I send it different parameter values. My situation: I have an input box for a badge number and a button to run code to confirm the badge number and get inspection stamp assignments. This is ...

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