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1. accesing value data using request

I have form with two buttons having same name but different values ,how to get the value of both the buttons having same name but different value using request ?

<form action="controller">

2. Checking request parameter value in Struts2 tag

I have the following code in my jsp:

<s:property value="#parameters['test']"/>
<br/><s:property value="'1'.equals(#parameters['test'])"/>
now if I access this action like this: test.action?test=1 I get the following:
Wondering, why 1 is not equal to 1?

3. How do I store a value in session that has to be later accessed upon a callback request from a 3rd party site?

I want to store a variable in session data, in a servlet. The servlet redirects the user to a 3rd party site, and from the 3rd party site user is sent ...

4. How to set the value of request scope in a interceptor and get it in jsp?

Hi, When I set a value in my interceptor,I could not get it in a jsp. How to do that? ### my interceptor public class HogeIntercepter extends AbstractInterceptor { @Override public String intercept(ActionInvocation invocation) throws Exception { HttpServletRequest request = ServletActionContext.getRequest(); ...

5. want to check whether the request contains ANY param values, not one specifically

Does anyone know of a way that I can simply determine if a request contains parameters or not without checking each param individually? What I would like to do is check the length of an array that would contain all request parameter values. I have searched around for this info, without much luck. Is there any argument I can supply the ...

6. getting value from request object

So you want to tell me that JSTL will let's say "encode' incoming string and when I need to use it in my SQL query it will "decode" back to "normal state"? And no I am doing SQL in JSP. I have a bean that I send my SQLs to and it returns a Collection.

7. Problem getting arraylist values from request

Hi All, I am trying to display the results of a search request. In the jsp page when I add a scriplet and display the code I get the values but param.ResearchResults does not.Any help is appreciated.

<% ArrayList research = (ArrayList) request.getAttribute("ResearchResults"); Iterator iterator = research.iterator(); while(iterator.hasNext()){ Research r = (Research); out.println("Result Here"+r.getRequesterID()); out.println("Result Here"+r.getStatus()); } ...