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1. How can I get the filename of a servlet resource?

I'm writing a java servlet that calls a function in a jar. I have no control over the code in this jar. The function being called wants the filename of a ...

2. Browser treating real file differently than servlet-generated file

I have an application that uses html5 to let the user listen to some audio samples on the server. If I specify the path to an actual audio file on ...

3. Access resource file from JSP

I want to access xml files from java class, lying under web/resources folder.. i.e ---Web pages
| |-data.xml
|-other jsps
---Source Folder
I want to access data.xml from a class under databean package. Is it possible? How? ...

5. Resource file update problem

Hi all, I use a commercial framework for development which runs under JBoss. We use resource files for static texts (for different languages) When we change a value in resource file, or add a new key, we do not see the changes in application although we refresh the page. We are able to see the changes only after we restart the ...