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1. Response.End() in Java/JSP

In .net you have the ability to Response.End() in any context you want. Is there similar functionality in Java/JSP? Thanks, Sam

2. Problem with AJAX responses

I have the following problem. I programmed a java servlet, which responses to ajax requests from my javascript application. the answer from the java servlet is a xml encoded message. normally ...

3. Changing default Servlet response

I have a Java Web application that has several servlets with the following mappings. ServletOne -> /one
ServletTwo -> /two
ServletThree -> /three
When I make a request for an action that doesn't exist I ...

4. Servlet --x--> Ajax: Ajax code not receiving servlet response

I'm unable to figure out what is going on here in this ultra simple example. Problem Summary: I have a simple servlet that appears to run just fine if I drive it ...

5. Ajax response takes time and status is 503

guys, i have a html page where onclick of a button a ajax request is sent to server , the request calls a jsp page which runs an oracle procedure.The procedure ...

6. OpenOffice, writing a document to a servlet response

Currently we use OpenOffice to grab bookmarks in a template file document and replace them with content from our DB via Java. The lines of code that actually save the ...

7. Corupt ZIP file servlet response for multiple file archive

I'm trying ZIP a bundle of File's and return ZIP through a servlet. This works fine if I just have one file but when I try to add more it seems ...

8. How to handle response in the jsp from a servlet for a multipart file upload?

There are two web applications. One is a client and other one is the provider. The provider is hosting a servlet to process a multipart file upload request. The client will ...

9. Servlet response data for autocomplete

The following code is in PHP. I want to do the same in Java. Please tell me how do I generate this type of array or collection in Java. ...

10. Ajax response works after two clicks?

I just wrote a basic user-login system where the html page uses javascript to send the ajax request to a servlet which accesses through database. Here's the js code

var res;
function getXMLObject()

11. Do we need to write data to original response even after using ResponseWrapper?

I have seen many examples over how to & why to wrap a response. As per my understanding, a class extending HttpServletResponseWrapper provides a stream to servlet for writing data over ...

12. J2EE - How to remove empty space,blank lines from server response

Is there a way to remove blank lines from server response? I have tried out:


13. Include remote web page into Servlet response

I need to have servlet exposed to the Internet that includes into its response remote web page with images! which hosted only in Intranet, there for in not accessible for outer ...

14. Is it possible to reroute a Jersey JSP template response to an InputStream?

All, I am using Java/Jersey 1.9 to create a web service that generates XML. I'm generating XML using a JSP template (explicitly via the Viewable class). Is there any way ...

15. Restrict servlet response

I have a web server which has lot of hits from automated machines. Those machine sends their status on web server to store in db. Some of hits are useless so ...

16. AJAX - Cannot receive Servlet response

I am trying AJAX for the first time for my school project. I have problem in receiving response from server (response 'status' 0). I've browse through similar problems in the suggested ...

17. NT Challenge/Response and JSPs

yes - request.getParameter("parametername") returns null. Let me explain: The web application works perfectly - there is a part of the site which is in a separate directory and all the files in that directory need to be password protected. When using Basic Authentication, it all works perfectly but after switching to NT Challenge/Response Authentication, request.getParameter("paramname") returns null instead of the value ...

18. NT Challenge/Response

hello , I was searching for some article for NT Challenge/Repsonse.Can somebody please let me how to use NT Challenge/Repsonse authentication for Java programs.I need this badly and for almost 2 days i'm searching and hitting the walls.If somebody can gimme some piece of code i would be really greateful.Thankx in advance for your reply. Thankx a lot, Mani

19. jsp response time

Hi, I am actually interested in finding the variation in the jsp response time as the load on the jsp increases. But, I am not noticing any difference in jsp response time with increase in load, using my current method. I think this is because I am not taking into account the wait time between when the http request was recevied ...

21. getting response value

23. The response has already been commited.

When I click print or export button , I get this error: The response has already been commited. How to solve this error ? --------------code------------------------------------------------ <%@ page import= "*,*,*,*,*,*,*" %> <%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=TIS-620" %> <%! String TblType; String RptName; %> <% try{ TblType=request.getParameter("saletype"); RptName=TblType+".rpt"; ReportServerControl serverControl = new ReportServerControl(); connInfos = null; ...

24. response

Hi. Ok..ok.. I'm really new at this. So please be patient. I am building a url to access legacy code in a CICS environment. I can successfully use a jsp page to send the request to the environment and get a response. However, the response comes back in the same url. How can I use jsp to send the response to ...

26. when exactly response is commited?

a.jsp ----- <% System.out.println("Before forwarding request first time"); out.println("Writing in response in a.jsp"); RequestDispatcher rd = request.getRequestDispatcher("/b.jsp"); rd.forward(request, response); System.out.println("Still executing service() method"); System.out.println("Before forwarding request second time"); rd.forward(request, response); System.out.println("After forwarding request second time"); %> b.jsp ----- <% System.out.println("After forward has happened"); out.println("Welcome, you are coming from a.jsp"); System.out.println("After writing in response in b.jsp"); %> output on console: ----------------- Before ...

27. Servlet Response

28. Improving response time

29. Servlet Response for AJAX

Hi all, I have a servlet where i am forming this xml string and passing it back to the JSP. The servlet code: package wwxchange; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import*; import java.util.*; import wwxchange.utility.*; import wwxchange.beans.*; public class AutoComplete extends HttpServlet { private ServletContext context; //Initialize global variables public void init(ServletConfig config) throws ServletException { this.context = config.getServletContext(); } //Process ...

30. how to retrieve "c#" from response

31. response setStatus

32. jsp response problem

hi all, i have a situation here, i have around 6 tabs(all individual jsps displayed as tabs). The forms of all the six jsp are filled but the data can be submitted for validation onl from the last tab. Validation can only be performed from all the data(from all 6 tabs) together. I have implemented this by storing the data of ...

34. Servlet responses

Bill, I think I have the answer. It's a neat bit of server push that I require. What I can do in the servlet is send two responses, the first will go to the original window and will simply be a prompt to see if the form printed successfully, the second is the PDF document that contains a prepopulated form ready ...

35. Response Expires in JSP

36. How to save the servlet response to a file !

Okay sure, the code isn't a problem but I just want to make sure the specifications are correct. What is known? Servlet A and Servlet B exist Servlet A receives input from user. Servlet A sends information to Servlet B. (This is where I need clarification) Servlet A stores the response to a file? (Or is it Servlet B) Also, what ...

37. Making a servlet wait for a response?

Is it possible to make a servlet sit and wait, while another servlet is performing some other tasks? (My idea of how it might work...Although I'm probable way off) When the second servlet is finished its tasks, it makes a call to the first servlet and tells it to wake. Im not sure if it can be done using threads? ------------------ ...

38. Inovke Servlet with No Response

40. how to limit servlet response

41. Transforming Servlet Response

42. Urgent-servlet response

43. Servlet Response

44. Getting Response Back in calling Servlet

Hi All, I have an following requirement 1 Browser makes an request to Servlet in Sever1 2 Servlet in Server1 will make an HTTP post request to Servlet in server2 with one paramter called reqData which will be an xml format data as follows 10 Bond 3 Now Servlet on server2 will read this data and send back the ...

46. J2me app access Servlet response

47. Servlet not setting status in Response

49. Servlet Response Type

51. How servlet response is commited?

The text of a response - response headers plus whatever has been written by the servlet to an output stream - is held until either: 1. the flush() method of the output stream is called -or- 2. the output buffer gets filled and flushed At that point, since the response headers have been sent, it is impossible to modify them so ...

52. About response from servlet

Hi Someone please explain how response is send back from servlet to browser? what i understand is, in servlet we write everything in HttpResponse onject ,which then taken by Container and is then used to send HTTP response to client. But what container do with HttpResponse onject? I mean what are the webserver and webcontainer's responsiblities in handling the response? they ...

53. response from servlet

55. Servlet response seems to time out

56. Servlet Response

57. Response Wrappers and JSPs

60. how to handle multiple response in a servlet

Are you asking how to support multiple request/response pairs at once? Say Bear and Pat both use their browsers to request something from your servlet, and you want to handle both at the same time? Then while those two are in process (say they have slow links) Sebastian uses his browser to make a request, so now you have three in ...

62. response body

64. Windows 7 response

66. servlet response

67. Problem with response from PostMethod

68. AJAX & Jsp uncalled for responses?

Please don't abuse the code-tags (or code-button). For code it's cool to use it, but other stuff becomes unreadable. Did I get you right? You effectively want to send events from the Server to the Client at any time. That is known as [Comet|]. It's an advanced technique in Ajax. It's not automatically supported, but with some extra work it can ...

69. response in jsp??

73. Ajax response a jsp

74. Servlet Response Issue