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1. Using response.setcontenttype

D.L. -- Welcome to JavaRanch! We ain't got many rules round these parts, but we do have our naming policy, which requires that your display name be a first and last name; the last name must be at least two letters and the whole name must at least sound real. Please head over here and change yours, pronto. Thanks, pardner, and ...

2. Issue with response.setCOntentType and IE

Hi all , response.setContentType("application/msword"); response.setHeader("Content-disposition","inline; filename=test.doc"); o = response.getOutputStream(); o.println(""); o.println(""); o.println("Runtime Model Structure"); o.println(""); o.println(""); o.println("

Runtime Model Structure

"); o.println( generateConetentToDIsplay()); o.println(""); o.println(""); I have the above code in my program , it works perfectly in IE6 with SP1 and win2000 and it opens a word doc with the above content , where as the same code i try in WIN ...

4. Servlet response.setContentType()??

Sean, Sounds like you want a servlet to generate a jsp file with your custom tags that will run on the server and throw html content to the browser. ContentType is for the benefit of the client.. The browser.. So that it knows how to display the incoming http stream.. Not for your server to know what it is sending. What ...

6. response.setContentType