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1. https turns to http when redirecting from one jsp page to other

My application runs in SSL now, in one of my jsp page i have used response.sendRedirect("xyz.jsp"); , so now when redirect occurs https is converted to http. How should i fix ...

2. from http to https

I have a simple web app: a web page with a form to submit, and a servlet on the server side. It works. I am now asked to change it so ...

3. Getting SSL context for HttpsURLConnection from X509Certificate

I am pretty new to certificates, but I have to do something like this (in Java): 1) I have requestor's certificate in my hand:

X509Certificate[] certs = (X509Certificate[]) request.getAttribute("javax.servlet.request.X509Certificate");
2) I need to request ...

4. http converts to https going to infinite loop

I want to redirect my page http:// to https:// in jsp. I have some code with me, but it is giving some problems.


String req_protocol = request.getProtocol().toLowerCase();

String convertHttps = req_protocol.substring(0, req_protocol.indexOf("/")).toLowerCase();



5. redirect from http to https and back to http within java servlet

there are a bunch of links accessing my servlet without https
As the servlet is a generic form and the http urls are generated with an random id it is difficult to ...

6. cannot hit the servlet via https from nokia mobile using j2me

Im developing a mobile application in j2me.Im using "Nokia c2-01" mobile for testing.In my application i send a request to one servlet and receive response to mobile via GPRS.I send the ...

7. What is HTTPS

Hi, The secure hypertext transfer protocol (HTTPS) is a communications protocol designed to transfer encrypted information between computers over the World Wide Web. HTTPS is http using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL). A secure socket layer is an encryption protocol invoked on a Web server that uses HTTPS. Most implementations of the HTTPS protocol involve online purchasing or the exchange of ...

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11. How to change response from Https to Http

i have added this security constraint to my web.xml in weblogic8.1. after login also it's going as Https. how i can change it to Http once user authenticated. RAPID Security Constraints General Web Access Protect any resources within the following page flow /login/* /magicMove/* GET POST These are the roles who have access the web resources above ...

12. Displaying .swf in http and https

13. forcing https on some pages only

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16. restricting a JSP to HTTPS access

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19. Switch from https to http and vice versa

Hi, We have developed a web application using Jstruts and Hibernate. We have the application deployed on Jboss and Appache server. We also have secured certificates in place. The application does not require to run in one(http or https) mode all the time It needs to switch between modes for a few screens. If I access my application in https mode, ...

20. HTTP and HTTPS

i am making an application in which the login page wud under HTTP protocol and after submiting it , the next upcomming pages would be in HTTPS protocol. Here in the login page create a session for a particular user which is in HTTP and now i want to carry the same session to HTTPS for rest of the application. kindly ...

21. Using HTTPS to access a servlet....

I have a very simple servlet that a user can access from their browser and enter a userId and password in order to log into an application. I would like to encrypt the userId and password sent from the user's browser to the servlet. In other words, I'd like to use SSL. What is the easiest way to do this? Would ...

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28. Problem redirecting to HTTPS from jsp Links

I have an application running on 9i Application Server in HTTPS mode and working on migration to 10g Application Server. The problem: HTTPS has beeen configured on the 10g AS and a virtual host name (). so when i access my application using a URL, https:///login.jsp i can see the login page. On logging in the application uns perfectly fine. The ...

29. how to redirect from https to http

30. HTTPS to HTTP - How secure?

Hi Guys, In my web application, during user login, account pages and checkout pages, I switch to https, but while user is navigating the online store, catalogs and everything, I again switch back to http to preserve resources. So far so good, but while switching back to http, naturally my session id becomes visible to maintain the session, so the application ...

31. difference between http and https