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1. How to link another page when time runs out

I try to develop online exam app with JSP.So I want to link result page with parameters of existing page(exam page) when time runs out. I want to know how to ...

2. Browser timeout and page cannot be displayed

I have written within a JSP page to have Thread.sleep() for more than 1 hour. The JSP is deploayed on WebLogic server 9.2. I am trying to check the browser timeout ...

3. Accessing parent page with javascript inside an iframe

Is there any way to "break out" of an iframe? What I mean by this is that people will be placing my javascript tag inside an iframe (sometimes it ends up ...

4. getRemoteUser() returns null when authenticated user visits unprotected page

I have a J2EE web application with both protected pages and unprotected pages. Once I have successfully authenticated and visited a protected page, I immediately visit an unprotected page. ...

5. Using SSL with JSP pages

Nikhil, a)HTTP and HTTPS you can mix and use .No problemo. b) but once on a secure connect ... maintain all info that way. Data is confidential right. c) you will need to enable HTTPS . d) you will need to get a valid certificate. e) make sure your browser supports https. f) if you are going through a proxy . ...

6. set original page for j_security_check

You either want security or you don't want security. Why do you want to bypass the security page? I'd recommend against doing this anyway, since you have placed the username and password fields on the URL, and even with encryption they can turn up in log files... There are ways to perform a login from the server side, but I'm not ...

8. Timeout: Cannot open page

9. how to display default page after jsp authentication

hi, I have an application with declarative works fine.It remembers the page requested and after authentication,it trasfer control to the requested page. Now,I have question about how to tell server to display the page after successful authentication.Here,user never requested any page.He directly accessed login page and got authenticated but after this, i would like send control to default page... how ...

10. page timeout

12. Single Page SSL

13. jsp pages with Paypal Shopping Cart

14. Web page security help

16. with out authentication it is forwading to another page

sri, I created two files 1.password.html password

and another 2.pass.jsp < %@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%> <%@ page language ="java" %> <%@ page import="java.sql.*, javax.sql.*,javax.naming.*,*,java.util.*" %> ...

17. Security issues on jsp pages

I want to setup some type of security measure where even if a user knows the exact path of a file or image they just cannot go to it by path or if they do it can look to see if something has been set in the session to see if they have permession for it or not.

19. Extracting a value from the j_security_check servlet into a JSP page

Hi Folks... I have a problem as follows: I log in into the web app, via my login.jsp page. Below is the code for the form that accepts the login information


20. SSL page in J2EE