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1. Using SSL with an application deployed on IBM-WASCE

I have an application which uses JSPs and Servlets and deployed on IBM-WASCE 2.1. I want the application to use SSL for login purposes. Based upon the documentation, I added the following ...

2. Accessing SSL Private Key From a Servlet

I'm running Apache Tomcat locally and have installed a self signed certificate using OpenSSL. I also have a servlet running. What I want to do is the following: The servlet takes in ...


4. ssl works in java but not in jsp (in JRUN3.1)

I'm working on LDAP authentication through SSL and I'm able to carry out this through Java(needed jsse, changes in file) but similar code is throwing exception in a jsp page. The exception in jsp is "SSL Implementation not available" though a line in the details exception is making us suspicious. The line says " Source)". Can anybody tell me what ...

5. JSP and SSL

I want to make use of the CLIENT-CERT Authentication. I have followed all the desired steps and successfully tested JSPs. But I am still wondering where exactly is the .keystore located. \bin\keytool -genkey -alias tomcat -keyalg RSA I was expecting that the .keystore file will be located in the bin directory. But, instead it is located in E:\Documents and Settings\Administrator. That ...

6. ssl in JSP and more

hello ranchers,well i have finished build this web application all that is left is the administration section of it. which i need to secure against unauthorised users so question 1 how do i implement secure socket layer on those resourses that are not servlets or even servlets,JSP,html and so forth question 2 also i will like to know how to implement ...

7. problem JSP smart upload with SSL

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9. SSL & download files denied by IE

10. Using SSL with JSPs

I am new to JSSE & I am doing the project of Online Shopping For that I am using Java Server Pages. I have completed this project. but for the Security & privacy I want to use The SSL Technology in my project. What are the necessary steps to use SSL in Java server pages. & also I require client authentication ...

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14. weird behaviour with servlet and ssl

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19. rtf generation servlet doesn't work under SSL

Dear Ranchers, We have following code that generates rtf file and writes to the browser. This works fine (like a charm) without SSL. With SSL turned on, however, we receive following error message: "Internet Explorer can not open 'URL' on webserverhost. Internet Explorer was not able to open this Internet site. The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found. ...

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22. servlet response does not show ssl insignia

I am using SSL on a web page where a customer makes a purchase. The page itself displays the proper insignia of an SSL connection. However, when my servlet makes a response, I do not see the SSL insignia. I fear that I am missing something, or that I am not maintaining an SSL connection throughout the process. When the browser ...