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1. Ensuring Users are Authenticated in Java Web App

My web app has a secure area which users log in to via a JSP. The JSP posts the user name and password to a servlet, which then checks to ...

2. Advice on GUI layout for security product

We've developed a security product which identifies certain types of unauthorized traffic on a network. The interface for displaying the messages is a Java Servlet generated page. At this point, the ...

3. java ee - authenticate users using servlets

I just started learning java, and have not worked with java ee. I need to authenticate users using servlets. Advise, please, sample code and technical literature. Thank you!

4. authentication valid user

Java EE. Ok, JSP form handed to servlet username and password. Username and password is vaild. How i can AUTHenticate the user? Thanks for help.

5. Adding user authentication in java web app

I need to authenticate the users who visit my java based web app (Servlets and JSP) using different social media like facebook, twitter, google and yahoo. Is there any open source ...

6. user authentication

7. User Name and Basic authentication

9. Authentication of user

10. User Authentication possible?

Greetings all. I'm working on a contract where the client is taking a first step at SOA, mainly for automating now manual processes. Part of the requirement is to implement a user interface to input/view data. The user interface is to be a web-app and any new business logic is to be done using JEE/Java web services. CAC's (Common Access Cards) ...

12. user authentication servlet problem