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How can I prevent XSS attacks in Java? Are there any good libraries for that?

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Is it true that following code adds a XSS vulnerability to some JSP page?

<!--    <%=paramName%>=<%=request.getParameter(paramName)%><BR>  -->
It looks like a "leftover debug" and definitely should be removed from ...

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i want to protect my website form xss, and i want to assure that all my data are correct and consistent, so i don't want to allow to add any scripts ...

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Unlike the standard XSS attacks, which rely on dynamic web pages, a DOM-based XSS attack does not require sending any malicious code to the server and thus can also use static ...

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Hi I have a jsp page in which following lines

if(Exception err) {
  out.println (err.getMessage() + "<br/><br/>");
may get XSS attacks i want to it just display the above things without ...