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1. Java Servlet Context and Session level variables

I have experimented the inconsistency when multiple threads access/modify context variables but could not produce the same behaviour at session level. For example calling session.setAttribute("something") method within the service method does ...

2. page Context and session

5. servlet context vs session

6. Session v Servlet Context

Please use a meaningful topic, please use real words. A session is related to a user, so each time the user provides a request you can look at the information attached to this user. A Servlet context is attached to a Servlet, and the same servlet serves multiple users. Therefore the two are not the same. Dave

8. How to Kill session at application context level by using session Id

Dear All, I am using Struts framework to implement my application. In my administration module i want know who are all the users are logged in to the application with thier session ids. If any unauthorised user logged in to the application with sesion Id. I want to kill that particular session id in servlets or in jsp page. Can you ...

9. Servlet Context Vs Session

Hi, We used both servelet context and session concepts to store a database value. When we tested the JSP with the below options. session.getservletContext().setAttribute() session.getservletcontext().getAttribute() - JSP laoding took time ? Why this is slow ? //page load took long time session.setAttribute() session.getAttribute() - JSP loading time is fast ? Why this is fast ? //one user per session //this take ...