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I heard that session is defined as --- If they are from the same machine within a certain duration of time, the server consider the sessions as the same. Now I am wondering about the following interesting scenarios --- 1. If I have JSP1-->servlet-->JSP2-->servlet-->JSP3, on JSP1 we have five radio button and I pick button 1, in my servlet code I ...

4. Accessing session of other application on same server    coderanch.com

How do I share sessions across web apps? You cannot share sessions directly across web apps, as that would be a violation of the Servlet Specification. There are workarounds, including using a singleton class loaded from the common classloader repository to hold shared information, or putting some of this shared information in a database or another data store. Some of these ...

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Folks, Is there a way to detect 1. If a browser session has been inactive for 5 minutes (eg: user opened the page and left)(session time out is set to 30 mins) 2. If the user has closed a browser and can I detect that the user has been inactive after 5 mins (session time out is set to 30 mins)? ...

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is there any thing called sessionevents...becoz,i want to track the user. for eg,when i logged in to yahoo ,then i logged in to gmail..i m there in gmail for 30 minutes and i retned back to yahoo..i dont know when its session is timed out..we can track the user when he logouts from a website..but my question is can we track ...

21. Understanding Sessions    coderanch.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone, I'm new here. Nice to meet you. Let me rephrase my question... 1) I have someone log into my application. 2) The user has to add his "username","password". 3) My application checks the database to see if the username/password already exists. 4) My application returns, "username"/"password" does not exist..."username/password" added to database. MY QUESTION. what if 5 people ...

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25. detect hits to the jsp in a session    coderanch.com

Is it possible to detect the hits or the no. of times the jsp has been accessed in one paticular session. I require this to deny the access to jsp login page if a malacious user is guessing the password, then he should be denied from accessing the login pagfe after 3 hits. Thanks in advance

26. Session Information    coderanch.com

Hi, I have a JSP application that communicates to a uniVerse database using RedBeans. There is a list of html documents we generate on one page, the list of file names gets stored in the session object, and then on another page we have back and forth buttons to go through this list. One of our customers has tried this application, ...

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Asking how much data can be stored in a Session is like asking how fast your car will go if it's dropped off a cliff. There's probably a correct answer, but you've really got to wonder why the question is being asked. The HttpSession is the worst place to store data. The only problem is that it is better than most ...

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I am trying to use sessions to keep track of when a user is logged in to the website. It is only working on pages which are redirected from the one where the session is set- it does not work if the user links to a new page. So my first page has the following code (which has been gotten from ...

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43. not enough session space    coderanch.com

Hiya.. I have a jsp page to upload some files.. The session is used to store a Map ( session.setAttribute("filemap", filemap ) ). This map contains all the files to be uploaded. I have a file-input type, onChange the file here is added to the map. The map is stored in the session and when the page is reloaded, all files ...

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Hello I've written this code which (i honestly know) is completely inefficient , but anyway... i'm trying to use sessions to determine whether a user is logged in or out... but my super inefficient code isn't doing what i want here it is.. //first i want it to check if there is an existing session if ((request.getSession(false)==null) && (request.getParameter("username")== null && ...

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Hi friends, I want to do one program ,where i want to set the session. If the user entered into the page without login should not be allowed. For example if the knows the address of the page he should not allowed to login in directly without proper login. I know how to use the Javabean.In the page how i will ...

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56. Session Creation    coderanch.com

hI, I'm confused with the session creation with JSP. For example i'm trying to create a login.jsp with sessions. we should enter the name and password which is checked with the existing details.If they match they get next page with a new unique session. With the help of session scope how can we achieve this. How can i get the unique ...

57. Session timoeout on JSP    coderanch.com

Not sure what authentication has to do with it, but you haven't stated what you actually want to achieve - that the session should not expire at all, or that -once it has expired- no new one should get created. The former can be achieved by calling HttpSession.setMaxInactiveInterval The latter would be very hard, if not impossible, to achieve, and doesn't ...

58. Do JSPs always create a session?    coderanch.com

On jsp page a session object will be created always. There is no way to stop that. If you use page directive as <@page session="false"> then session will be created but will not be available on jsp page. You can place a filter in your application and check for session.isNew(). This will show you if the session is created is new ...

59. Is session is a strange thing?    coderanch.com

Dear all, Please try to address the all points, I will be very helpful for me.if you found anything is wrong ,then guide me in proper way. I am very confused about the idea of session, reason for this is I read many article so please do not ask me to refer any books or article. Actually what are the use ...

61. session maintenance across two web-servers with loadbalancer    coderanch.com

Hi, I have two web-servers, both the web-server has its own load balacer, now my problem is when i move from server1 to server2 and back to server1 session is not getting maintained, rather it creates a new session, hence all my session values are lost. Eg.. I move from weblogic to iplanet server and from iplanet whn am returning back ...

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63. JSP - Session    coderanch.com

hello everybody, i am doing a work in jsp. u might be knowing that while browsing some sites, when we go back after getting logged out, we see a warning that the "THE PAGE HAS EXPIRED". how is it possible. I think that it's not enough to invalidate the session, to do that. what are necessary tools to achieve the above. ...

64. JSP session in a servlet    coderanch.com

Hi Zafer, If u want to use sessions in ur jsp page, here are the few things you have to know. In jsp, session, is an implicit object, that is it will be there by default. When ever you are writing a jsp page include session="true" in the page tag like this. <%@ page language="java" session="true"%> after that when ever you ...

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67. URGENT- - - - Related to Session in JSP    coderanch.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have two jsp pages as follows..... ----------------------------------------------------------------- (Purpose of this JSP page is to allow a user to type a birthday message in a textarea .This message written then would be posted to the second JSP which is like a bulletin board ) Message.jsp <%@ page language="java" %>