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Case 1: Log out : Once we log out, if one tries to access previous, it must automatically redirect to login.jsp Case 2: Session expired : If session expires when user is ...

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I am working on a small web app to play the video on browser all functionality has been achieved only problem is that when user get logged in then go to ...

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I've to use a mechanism to track the last user logout (or when his session expired), can I do this? I've read about this method session.getLastAccessedTime(); but I don't understand how it ...

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I need a good logout code block for jsp Currently after you logout you can hit the back button and continue using the site.

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Hello All, I have one problem in maintaining session and removing session. when i press logout button it has to close the session here if i press Back button or Forward button it has to say that session has beeen closed pls login once again These r the files Index.html html>


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hi guys, My problem is 1) I have login.jsp which takes a password. User is admin by default. 2) I stored the password in a notepad file and authenticated using it. 3) After i logged in i will get demo.jsp which has 3 frames. 4) In the header frame i provided an signout link. When i clicked it will go to ...

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hi friends, i m developing a web application where i have provided the facility for user login. I can allow user to login successfully. when user logs out, he is directed to the login page. but when he presses BACK button of the browser, he is again redirected to the previous page. i m using jsp for session management. can anybody ...

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