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2. Session Maintaining

3. How to maintain multiple session in JSP

Hi Friends, need help in a strange problem of handling multiple sessions, i have a main which contains session object where i have stored a role. now there is a link on the page over whichi i am opening another page in pop up, now the problem is i wanna have a new role session object with newly opened page with ...

5. Maintaining session between JSPs

Hi everyone I have a JSP page which loops through an array of beans in order to generate dynamically a SMIL script which in turn calls another JSP page which generates plain text instead of HTML. In case you havent used SMIL before, thats not a problem. Its just an XML-based language for synchronising and coordinating various media components such as ...

6. How to maintain Session

7. Maintaining sessions

8. Maintaining Unique Sessions in JSP

A web application developed a decade ago. Currently running in Weblogic 8.1 server. Through browser if I logged as USER 1, able to navigate end-end. Some screens has hyperlink menus. Onclick will bring new pop-up window with data pertaining to USER 1. Inside the pop-window another jsp page will be loaded. Issue is without closing the existing browser and its pop-up ...

10. how to maintain session in a servlet