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1. Design question - Persistent data in a webapp session

I am developing a web app using servlets and jsps. I have a question about storing data I need to use across multiple servlets in a login session. When the user ...

2. Exception loading persistent sessions????

I am getting this error when i load my jsp application onto the browser I dont hav a clue what it is but my project seems to run just fine regardless (to a point), but in case it is masking other errors I would like to know whats going wrong........would it be anything to do with the

4. Session Value Persistence

Hi All, I have a file A.jsp(say), which takes a number as input. This page directs to B.jsp, where I store this number into the Session from request.getParameter(). B.jsp has a request dispatcher to c.jsp. C.jsp has a FORM ACTION=D.jsp. In D.jsp however, when I try to retrieve the session value, it says null. What could be the reason? Please help! ...