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1. Session Problem

The HttpSession session = request.getSession(true); and HttpSession session = request.getSession(); both creates a new session if there is none present. My problem is that i want to invalidate() the session if its allready present ...

2. Session Problem in JSP

I am setting and getting the session attributes on login page, when i logout the page and press the back button it goes to home page again. Here is my code,


<%@page import="java.util.*" ...

3. Problem with arrayList e session jsp

I have a problem with my program. I have a servlet; in this servlet save the session attribute

ArrayList<Integer> list = new ArrayList<Integer>;
Now the attribute is a String and not an ArrayList. In fact ...

4. JSP session problem

I am a newbie to writing JSPs. In my JSP I have dynamically created a form with select boxes (i.e. these fields are not in html) In one of the selectboxes, I implemented a ...

5. CAS Jasig HTTP Session Problem

I would like to put new Object model to CAS HttpSession because I have many web application so I will distribute object to other web applications. How should I do?

6. Jsp session problem

P: 20 ajeeshc using jsp Create a sample page for login and when i enter the correct string moves to inner page and when i clicked logout it redirect to home ...

7. Session problems with JSP on ServletExec, W2000

I have a very simple JSP page that checks to see if the user is accessing the page from the context of a session and prints a message indicating that a session has been found. But I would think when I access the JSP from a new broswer that the session should not be found, but it is. HttpSession session = ...

8. session problem.....Urgent Plz

I'm not sure how your structuring everything in your web server- but an easy way is to append it to the url- via appending the checkbox value in the url. Look at the URL on this page- there should be some values in their. So basically on submit of your page with a checkbox on it- you have a servlet that ...

9. screwy problem with sessions/windows

10. session expiring causes problems...

Hi, If a browser window is left open for a some time while the user is logged in and the session expires, tomcat shows an ugly error message to the user. Is there a way to prevent this? Like automatically displaying a login page when the session has timed out? Please help... Many thanks

11. Session problem

Hello! I am making a web application that uses sessions to tell if a user is logged in or not. If the user is not logged in they are meant to be redirected to an error page. I am including a JSP (pSession.jsp) in the main JSP using this: I am aiming to include pSession.jsp in many pages. ...

12. session problem

13. Session Problem

So u mean to say from your mail agent i.e. outlook if u click on the url it goes to the page which is for logged in users. what is the user name in the session. is it null ?? may be u r going wrong in invalidating the user. try sessionInvalidate() method after sending the mail message and check. It ...

14. Session problem

Hi: I got some problem with my login page. In my web application. I 1) Take username and password as input in a simple JSP file 2) Then authenticate this username and password with the database 3) write this code to add username into a session: session.setAttribute("loginname", username); 4) in the following page, use getAttribute("loginname") to check the session is valid. ...

16. Problem with session

17. sessions problem..urgent..

18. problem with getting result from session

dear all: In my result.jsp page, i get my "RESULT" from my session using getAttribute("somename"). After some process in my app, i update the session in my servlet by using setAttribute("somename", some_object). and then i called result.jsp again. What i expected is to see some changes beacuse the session should give me the most updated result. but what i keep seeing ...

19. sessions problems!!!!!

Can you explain in a little more detail what you mean by "won't work"? I've had this work for me in the past, so it may be that have misunderstood how it is supposed to work. Also, note that this behaviour is implemented by the servlet/JSP container, so it might be helpful to know which c

20. Session problems

21. Session problem

22. Session problem

23. JSP session problem

24. session scopt problem

Hi all I am trying a simple example using session scope I have a bean that stores customer information e.g. - with simple set and get methods I have some jsp pages which use the bean Before the jsp's are used - the bean is intialised to some default values in ...

25. Shoppingcart session problem

Hello there, I`m quite new to jsp but have to build a simple shoppingcart for practice. I use this code like below: <%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" language="java" import="java.sql.*" errorPage="" session="true" %> Untitled Document <% String dvds[]; dvds = new String[10]; dvds[0] = "Simpsons"; dvds[1] = ...

26. JSP Session Problem

27. Session Problem

28. Problem in Sessions

i am using tomcat 5.0.i developed a simple application in JSp. i create login page with username and password.then every page i displayed the User name by creating Session. my problem is i have logout option. if i click the logout i invalidated the session. if i press the back button in browser the previous pages r coming. my application is ...

29. Session problem plz

after pressing logout i invalidated the session.then i press the back i show that the page has expired. using this code: <% response.setHeader("Pragma","no-cache");%> <% response.setHeader("Cache-Control","no-store");%> <% response.setDateHeader("Expires",-1);%> the expired page is showing using this code my problem is if i press refresh or f5,it is showing the pages .how to avoid these.plz help me.

30. newbie : session problem

Hi Everyone! I'm a newbie with JSP and I've tried a jsp example from the book "Mastering Jakarta Struts." I typed the code exactly as written in the book but i can't seem to make it work. Everytime i press the refresh button the count does not increment - which is what it is supposed to do. Below is the code ...

31. Session problem in IE.

32. session out problem

33. problem in session

34. a session problem

hey, i have 3 jsp pages, first.jsp contians radio buttons second.jsp contains a dropdown list, a text box, third.jsp is used to show display summary of all slected values in first and second jsps. and last two jsps have back buttons to modify first two. what all scopes i should use here to run this application properly. when i used to ...

35. Problem with session

36. session problem in jsp

i looked up a post across this forum wherefrom i came to know that there is diffrence between JSP and servlet in how the server deploy both. i mean to say that, when JSP/servlet deployed in server frequently , i am not sure which one of two is served in a new startup of server every time? or is it just ...

37. session problem

38. session mangement problem

39. session handling problem

40. session problem

41. session Problem.

43. JSP - Servlet - Session problem

44. Problem in Servlet Session

Thanks a lot Ice We are not in a position to migrate the Tomcat version. The first time we click the servlet, am getting the session is not getting recognized. Second time if i click the same servlet, it gets recognized. If i click any JSP links before the Servlet, then the Servlet is working fine on first click itself. Can ...

45. session collusion problem

I am getting session collusion problem , if I open my application on two IE6 browsers in the same system, after some time , I am getting values which are not applicable for that session , but will be applicable for the session present on other browser. Please help, What could be the problem? scenario: In our Application for one user ...

46. session problem

47. Java session problem

48. Session Problem

49. session problem

50. session problem

both jsp pages are part of same web app. in a.jsp session.setAttribute("name",ss1); out.print(session.getId()); //line 1 response.sendRedirect("b.jsp"); when i typed url of a.jsp it direct go to b.jsp not show line1 so i am not able to check whether both jsp page have same session id or not as you said earlier that check session.getId() in both pages

51. session problem

52. JSP Session Problem

Hi, In my application, Currently if there are two users logged in.... And after the second user home page loads. There is a problem. Now when you refresh the page of First user, The data for second user loads up... I've stored a HashMap in a session attribute once it gets filled with data. So after second user logs in and ...

53. Session leakage problem in Servlet

54. Session Problem

HI, I need help regarding session in servlet. i have an application with 2 web interfaces. One is for admin and other is for clients. i want to created new session for every login. problem is: when i login by admin and client and logout any of them the rest automatically logged out :confused: i am using HttpSession session=req.getSession(true); to create ...

55. Servlet/Session problem